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Don’t hold back Sly, tell us how you really feel.

John ” Sly ” Sylvester really went off on DPW Chair candidate Martha Laning on Friday in a program/podcast titled ” Candidate Martha Laning is no Democrat “. At issue for Sly is Laning’s statement last year that she couldn’t bring herself to support even a $10.10 an hour minimum wage because it represented a […]

My conversation with Sly

Earlier this week I emailed long time Madison radio personality John ” Sly ” Sylvester and told him that I was, I believe, the only lefty blogger in the state who’s written that the solidarity singers should get a permit. I told him that I’d written a piece for Blogging Blue titled, “ Defending the […]

WXCO/AM 1230 switches to progressive talk format

This is encouraging… WXCO station manager Steve Resnick says he made the decision to switch to a progressive format because it was hard to compete in a market already saturated with right-wing talk. Whether the station will one day hire a full-time local host is uncertain, however.

“We’re exploring the avenues to enhance the programming […]

Fill the information void, Give Sly The Mic

By now you may have heard about the grassroots movement currently underway to return John “Sly” Sylvester to the airwaves after WTDY silenced him last week. “Give Sly The Mic” is an attempt to persuade the powers that be at The Mic 92.1 to give Sly his own show, so that Wisconsin Progressives can continue […]

John Nichols on WTDY firings: Wisconsin progressivism deserves an outlet

Once again John Nichols nails it.

Sure, Sly often extended his remarks from “comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable” to flat-out condemning crony capitalists and crooked candidates. Everyone who listened to Sly took offense at one time or another.

Every guest (including this writer) disagreed with him sometimes. But Wisconsinites recognized that Sly’s anger […]


Social media is currently on fire with word that WTDY has, without warning, laid off most of its news staff, including Dylan Brogan and Amy Barrilleaux. John ‘Sly’ Sylvester was also let go. According to JSOnline, WTDY will no longer be news-talk, but will instead change formats. This is bad news for Wisconsin progressives, and […]

Sly Pops a Gasket

John "Sly" Sylvester

You’d think he’d focus his vitriol on the real enemy… you know… Scott Walker… Oh well, I guess not.

It’s hard to count the number of people who are only leaving behind the honest recall candidate, Kathleen Falk, for one that’s a hypocritical liar and higher-than-thou campaign expert, Tom Barrett, simply […]

Sly from “Sly in the Morning” interviews Rich Abelson (AUDIO)

Earlier today I posted an entry regarding some misinformation being spread about Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s record when it comes to his dealings with unionized City of Milwaukee employees. In that entry, I name John “Sly” Sylvester of WTDY-AM’s “Sly in the Morning” show as one of the folks responsible for attacking Barrett, as Sly […]

Tom Barrett, February 2011

Cory Liebmann has an excellent take on the attacks being leveled against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, attacks that have come from folks like John “Sly” Sylvester of WTDY AM’s “Sly in the Morning” show as well as from AFSCME directly. If the people asking this question can’t remember Tom Barrett’s role during those crucial weeks, […]

There’s not just one reason for a recall of Scott Walker

On Tuesday Lisa shared her thoughts on the effort to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker, and in her entry Lisa wrote that the recall effort against Walker wasn’t simply about Walker’s attack on the collective bargaining rights of public employees. In fact, Lisa noted that the recall effort is really about the Wisconsin way vs. […]