Julie Meyer continues to try to play the victim after primary loss

Nearly two weeks after her loss to incumbent Democratic State Rep. Christine Sinicki, Julie Meyer has continued to accuse Sinicki of attacking Meyer and her family, asserting “Rep. Sinicki has continued to punish her primary opponent’s family and supporters. Beyond the restraining order, Rep. Sinicki has also attempted to use her political connections to have a supporter of her opponent’s campaign fired from their job.”

Julie Meyer’s accusation seems to stem from Rep. Sinicki’s decision to pursue a temporary restraining order against Meyer’s husband Michael Meyer following Meyer’s erratic and harassing behavior during and after a campaign fundraiser held by Rep. Sinicki.

In response to Julie Meyer’s accusations Christine Sinicki’s campaign issued a press release debunking the accusations made by Meyer and providing some much-needed context to the situation involving Sinicki and Julie Meyer’s husband.

“Despite the fact that the fall primary results have been in more than a week, apparently Ms. Meyer and her campaign manager, disgruntled organizer Dennis Hughes, seem to have missed the fact that the race is over. They act as if the campaign is still going on.

“In fact, their continued complaints and protests are so loud, it looks like they are trying to obscure their own bad behavior during the primary campaign they lost. That behavior includes harassment by Ms. Meyer’s spouse, Michael Meyer, of Rep. Sinicki, her family members, and supporters, including local elected officials, at a Sinicki Campaign fundraiser.

“After the incidents at the fundraiser, the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) informed Rep. Sinicki that Ms. Meyer’s spouse, Michael Meyer, is someone whose menacing behavior should be taken seriously, based on his known history. Acting upon advice by the MPD, she was granted a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to prevent Michael Meyer from further harassing her family, her supporters or herself during the rest of her campaign.

“After the election, Ms. Meyer asked Rep. Sinicki to agree not to seek to make the TRO permanent against Michael Meyer. Rep. Sinicki asked to talk to her in person, which happened earlier this week. During that conversation, the Representative agreed to her request, with the caveat that if her husband from this point on exhibits any more such behavior, then Rep. Sinicki will seek permanent reinstatement of the restraining order (RO). (This would mean Mr. Meyer would be subject to the conditions of two simultaneous restraining orders, including the instructions in the first one to relinquish and not possess firearms).

“Yesterday morning (Thursday, August 18, 2016) Rep. Sinicki sent Ms. Meyer a text confirming again that she will not pursue a permanent restraining order, and that on advice from the restraining order office she would not attend the hearing scheduled for today, Friday, August 19, 2016, for that purpose.

“As promised, Rep. Sinicki did not attend the hearing this morning, which signaled to the court that she is not pursuing an RO at this time.

“Going forward, Rep. Sinicki hopes that Ms. Meyer will see the wisdom in refusing to respond to any more provocations to cry wolf from Mr. Hughes, who has had his own serious, ongoing problems with harassing and disruptive behavior. He clearly incites much of Ms. Meyer’s “sour grapes” behavior, even to the point of writing her media releases for her. It is time for Ms. Meyer to recognize Mr. Hughes’ input for the bad advice it is, and distance herself from it.

“It is also time for both Ms. Meyer and Mr. Hughes to lay down this pattern of continued outbursts of resentment and bad temper. We need to direct our personal and communal resources to make sure that, in the November 8 general election, we elect leaders who will focus on the good of everyone in our communities. That is how Rep. Sinicki intends to direct her energies between now and Nov. 8th, and it is her hope Ms. Meyer and Mr. Hughes will join her.”

As capper rightly notes over at Cognitive Dissidence, it’s a good thing the voters of the 20th Assembly district saw through the negativity and lies of Julie Meyer’s campaign and instead chose to send Rep. Sinicki back to Madison to represent them.

What’s up with Assembly candidate Julie Meyer’s husband? (VIDEO)

Yesterday Randy Bryce of the excellent Iron Stache blog posted a piece questioning why Julie Meyer decided to challenge incumbent Democratic State Rep. Christine Sinicki in the 20th Assembly district. In his piece Bryce pointed out the many positive things Rep. Sinicki has done during her time in office, but he also noted the recent behavior of Julie Meyer’s husband Michael Meyer, who showed up at a campaign event for Rep. Sinicki and then seemed to challenge one of Rep. Sinicki’s sons to a physical altercation following the event as seen in the video below.

To add context to the video, the person taking the video is Jim Sinicki, one of Rep. Sinicki’s sons. The person yelling from his vehicle at Jim Sinicki is Michael Meyer, husband to Julie Meyer, Rep. Sinicki’s challenger in the Democratic primary. At one point in the exchange, Meyer yells, “If you’re feeling froggy sir jump” at Jim Sinicki. I was present during the exchange between Michael Meyer and Jim Sinicki, and Meyer’s statement seemed to me to be an attempt to provoke a physical altercation with Jim Sinicki.

In addition to his behavior after Rep. Sinicki’s event, Michael Meyer got into a confrontation with Sinicki’s supporters during her event, as you can see in the video below.

What’s truly troubling about Michael Meyer’s behavior during and after Rep. Sinicki’s event is that he has a history of engaging in harassing behavior, resulting in a harassment restraining order being issued against Michael Meyer until September 25, 2016. According to the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website the court found Michael Meyer had engaged in a pattern of conduct against an individual that established grounds of harassment on his part, and a harassment injunction was issued against him.

Court finds that there has been a pattern of conduct that respondent has engaged in and finds that the petitioner has established grounds of harrassment by the respondent. Court therefore affirms the decision entered on 9/25/12 by Comm. Honrath and that the injunction shall remain in full force and effect.

As I noted above the harassment restraining order against Michael Meyer is in effect until September 25, 2016.

So about that ShepExpress endorsement of Julie Meyer

This week the normally progressive Shepherd Express decided to throw their endorsement in the Democratic primary in the 20th Assembly district to Julie Meyer, the challenger to incumbent State Rep. Christine Sinicki.

The Shepherd Express’ endorsement is particularly surprising given the fact that it chose to pass on endorsing a proven progressive in favor of Julie Meyer, a candidate whose top campaign contributor has given over $30,000 to Wisconsin Republicans and whose only endorsement to that point was from the Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Association, a group that has endorsed Republican Gov. Scott Walker more than once.

The Shepherd Express’s endorsement of Julie Meyer also caught the eye of capper at CogDis, who has an excellent take on why the endorsement is so odd. Here’s a snippet.

That is why I was taken off guard and taken aback when the Shepherd chose not to endorse Christine Sinicki but instead went with her primary opponent, Julie Meyer.

Not only was the endorsement shocking but the fallacies contained in their reasoning was mind-boggling.

They start by saying that Meyer wants to roll back the privatization of public schools because she is a teacher and saw the damage caused by Act 10.

The question regarding this is if Meyer was so bothered by it, why did she not take an active role since the beginning? Many of the teachers that are active in their union don’t recall ever seeing her at any rallies or supporting the cause in any other way. I dare say that Sinicki has attended more pro-public education events than Meyer has.

What’s really remarkable about the Shepherd Express’ endorsement of Julie Meyer is that it attempts to paint her as some sort of education policy expert who’ll be effective in fighting Republicans on public education, but that assertion is undermined by the fact that Julie Meyer wasn’t even endorsed by the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association, the very educators union that Julie Meyer is a dues-paying member of, undermining her assertion she’ll be better on public education than Rep. Sinicki.

Democrat Julie Meyer’s top campaign contributor contributed over $30,000 to Republicans in Wisconsin

Julie Meyer, the MPS schoolteacher challenging incumbent State Rep. Christine Sinicki in the Democratic primary in the 20th Assembly district, has tried really really hard to make Rep. Sinicki out to be some anti-public education bogeywoman, despite the fact that Rep. Sinicki has been endorsed by the largest teachers unions in Wisconsin including the MTEA, the very same union to which Julie Meyer is a dues-paying member. Earlier today, Meyer took to her Facebook page (which I’m still banned from) to attack Rep. Sinicki for having received campaign contributions in the past from Howard Fuller and George Mitchell, both of whom have been advocates for education privatization.

However, what Julie Meyer hasn’t told anyone yet is that her single largest campaign donor is Scott Mayer, the Chairman & CEO of the QPS Employment Group. According to campaign finance documents (see below) Mayer contributed $1,000 to Julie Meyer’s campaign, making him the single largest contributor by far, and it’s worth noting that Mayer’s contributions comprise roughly two thirds of all the money raised by Julie Meyer’s campaign.

July 2016 Continuing Report – Julie Meyer

Now here’s where things get really interesting.

According to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s Campaign Finance Database, Scott Mayer has contributed over $30,000 to Republicans like Gov. Scott Walker, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, State Senator Scott Fitzgerald, and the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee going back more than 15 years.

So apparently in Julie Meyer’s world Rep. Sinicki having taken campaign contributions in the past from Howard Fuller and George Mitchell is bad, terrible, awful, and a whole lot of other things, but her taking her largest campaign contributions from a die-hard supporter of Republicans in Wisconsin is no big deal.

Democrat Julie Meyer wins support of pro-Scott Walker firefighters union, seems to court Republican votes

Julie Meyer, the MPS schoolteacher challenging incumbent State Rep. Christine Sinicki in the Democratic primary in the 20th Assembly district, seems to me to have begun courting the support of conservatives. If I had to guess, I’d say Meyer is seeking the support of conservatives because she knows she’s not going to be able to beat Rep. Sinicki in the Democratic primary without the help of conservatives. That being said, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Meyer is touting the fact that she was endorsed by the Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters’ Association, one of two unions (the other being the Milwaukee Police Association) that proudly stood behind Republican Gov. Scott Walker after he “dropped the bomb” on public employees with Act 10. In accepting the endorsement of the pro-Walker union, Meyer said she was “incredibly honored” to have their support.

The endorsement of Meyer’s campaign by a pro-Scott Walker union is just one example of Meyer gladly accepting the support of conservatives who support the Republicans who’ve done so much damage to Wisconsin over the past six years, and if the placement of Meyer’s yard signs in the communities that comprise the 20th Assembly district are any indicator, it’s not the only example. For instance, here’s a Julie Meyer yard sign alongside a Ron Johnson sign.

Julie Meyer & Ron Johnson

I’ve also seen one of Meyer’s yard signs proudly displayed on the lawn of Bruce Schuknecht, the Cudahy City Accountant/Finance Director and also a die-hard conservative. For those regular readers of Blogging Blue, Bruce Schuknecht also happened to support tea party Republican Molly McGartland in her numerous attempts to unseat Rep. Sinicki, so he’s no Democrat by any means.

While Meyer’s courting of conservatives is disappointing to see, it’s not surprising, given she wasn’t likely to prevail by winning over Democratic voters against a popular incumbent.

Anything to win an election I guess…