Tatewellian Double-Speak

If you completed high school English, there’s a 99% chance you’ve read at least one book by George Orwell. In one of his best works, 1984, he writes about a society that is being brain washed through the restriction and reprogramming of language—basically, cut out as many unnecessary words as possible, and introduce words that [...]

MoD: Kathleen Vinehout needs to enter the race sooner rather than later

This is brilliant… If Vinehout wants to hop on board the endorsement train, she needs to enter the race sooner rather than later. It still feels like posturing to me – this waiting until Burke has things so solidly lined up and then saying “oh, I didn’t stand a chance against the party machine. The [...]

Sen. Kathleen Vinehout: Is Wisconsin Ready for the Corporate Reformers of Education?

Is Wisconsin Ready for the Corporate Reformers of Education?

“I just don’t understand vouchers, choice, and charter schools,” the man told me. “Could you explain?”

Public education is undergoing a radical change. What was predominately a local school governed by a locally elected school board is poised to become a plethora of choices: private religious [...]

Lessons from the Old Dominion’s Gubernatorial Election

The big news out of Virginia today is Virginia is experiencing “blue shift.” A state that was once reliably red has become increasingly competitive for the Democratic Party. Part of it is because the northern part (closest to D.C.) is becoming very blue, but part of it is because the GOP still rewards candidates who [...]

Vinehout to be on radio station WOJB’s call-in morning show today

Kathleen Vinehout will be on WOJB’s Local Morning Edition program at 8:30 am today. This is the 100,000 watt clear channel public radio station that is owned and operated by the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Ojibwa Indians near Hayward. It is a call-in format program, so here is the chance to discuss [...]

Poll shows Burke, Vinehout in a dead heat with Gov. Walker


With the election for governor still more than a year away, a new poll shows the race is already close.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker had 47% and Democrat Mary Burke had 45% in a poll of 800 registered voters released Tuesday by Marquette Law School.

That’s within the poll’s margin of error [...]

Some Kathleen Vinehout events this week

Via FDLFVR… Wednesday Oct 30th Meet & Greet on Madison’s East Side Amanda Hall, Wendi Kent, Tom Elhert hosts Glacier Valley Clubhouse-6925 Littlemore Drive 5:30-7:00pm

Friday Nov 1 Meet & Greet at Harmony Bar & Grill 2201 Atwood Ave, Madison Doug Cvetkovich & Kelli Lawler hosts 4:00-5:30pm

Saturday Nov 2 Town Hall Meeting in Antigo [...]

Emily’s List Endorses Mary Burke For Governor!

from my email in box:

Today, we are proud to announce that we are endorsing Mary Burke for the next governor of Wisconsin — the woman who will finally put a stop to Republican Governor Scott Walker.

Wisconsin is long overdue for a breath of fresh air in the governor’s mansion — someone who’ll dedicate [...]

A conversation with Kathleen Vinehout

Kathleen Vinehout, picture from Wisconsin State Legislature

The entry of former Commerce Secretary and Trek Executive Mary Burke into the 2014 gubernatorial race has garnered a lot of press (both positive and not-so-positive), and while I’ve spent a lot of time sharing my thoughts and critiques of Burke and her campaign, I wanted to spend [...]

Sen. Vinehout – Property Taxes: Are the “Tools” Working?

Found in my email inbox was Democratic State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout’s weekly newsletter sharing her thoughts on property taxes in Wisconsin. Perhaps the Governor’s tools aren’t working.

A recently announced infusion of $100 million into schools won’t mean any more money for children. But it will help stem an expected rise in property taxes.

State [...]

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14″

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