Some Assembly-related election tidbits

According to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) “Candidates Registered by Office” report, things are about to get a little more interesting here in the south shore suburbs of Milwaukee.

In the 20th Assembly district, which in my opinion is very capably represented by incumbent Democratic State Rep. Chris Sinicki, Sinicki’s failed 2010 Republican challenger […]

Kristan Harris supports your Fourth Amendment right to bear arms

Kristan Harris, the Republican challenger to Democratic State Rep. Chris Sinicki in the 20th Assembly district, wants his potential constituents to know he supports their Fourth Amendment right to bear arms.

Oh wait…what’s that? It’s the Second Amendment that gives citizens the right to bear arms?!? Since when???


Kristan Harris really REALLY does not like equal pay laws

I’m sure you’re probably wondering, “Who the heck is Kristan Harris?”

While you may not have heard of Kristan Harris until now, no doubt if you live in the 20th Assembly district (comprised of Cudahy, St. Francis, and part of Milwaukee) you’ll be hearing a lot about Harris, as he’s the Republican challenger to incumbent […]