Taylor and Sargent ask Matt Flynn to exit governor’s race

Today’s JSOnline published a request from Representatives Chris Taylor (D-76th D) and Melissa Sargent (D-48th D) for former chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Matt Flynn, to exit the Democratic primary for Wisconsin Governor because of his role in defending the Milwaukee Archdiocese against lawsuits around sexual misconduct by Catholic priests:

Madison Democrats Chris Taylor and Melissa Sargent called on former party leader Matt Flynn to exit the governor’s race over his role in shielding priests accused of sexual misconduct.

Flynn represented the Archdiocese of Milwaukee from 1989 to 2004, during which dozens of Milwaukee priests were accused of hundreds of child sexual assault cases.

“Unfortunately, documents show that, among other things, Mr. Flynn participated in keeping parishes and the public in the dark about dozens of the pedophiles priests, placing children at risk of being sexually abused,” wrote Taylor in a statement.

Sargent added, “We’re Democrats. We’re a big-tent party, and we believe in accepting and welcoming everyone. But our tent is simply not big enough for sexual harassment, abuse, or assault, or anyone who effectively abets.”

According to the article, the Flynn campaign will issue a response later today. Whether he stays or goes, I don’t think he has much chance of winning the primary anyway.

Matt Flynn to sexual abuse survivor: “Knock it off”

This is both troubling and disgusting all at once.

Democratic candidate for Wisconsin governor Matt Flynn denied any role in the transfer of sex abuser priests to new assignments within the Catholic church, comparing accusations against him to McCarthyism and telling a survivor of abuse to “knock it off.”

Flynn and Peter Isely, a founding member of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, had a heated, eight-minute exchange during a forum held in downtown Milwaukee on Tuesday, May 22.

Perhaps Matt Flynn wants to gloss over his role in both profiting from and protecting the Archdiocese of Milwaukee from claims made against it by survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of priests now that he’s running for governor, but his campaign seems to me to be fundamentally and irreparably damaged by his history of defending the Archdiocese.

Matt Flynn’s mere candidacy is an insult to those victims he defended the church against, and his leaving the gubernatorial race can’t come quick enough.

Wisconsin Gazette: Sex abuse victims “apalled” by Matt Flynn’s gubernatorial run

For those of you who may still be undecided about which of the million Democratic gubernatorial candidates to support this article from the Wisconsin Gazette might be worth a read.

“Flynn had a scorched-earth policy: Go after the victim any way you can. He’d accuse them of lying even when he had an admission of guilt from the priest. He’d try to suggest that another member of the victim’s family did it.”

Though I’m undecided about which Democratic candidate I plan on supporting, I knew Flynn would never have my support, but I’d like to hear from any of you who may have been supporting Flynn as to whether this changes your opinion.