3000 doors?

The left leaning Cheddarsphere and social media in Wisconsin are all a twitter after Mike Tate released his statement that Wisconsin voters don’t care about the allegations of a Walker controlled ” criminal scheme “contained in the John Doe II document dump. People are outraged that Tate would say such a thing, but the real [...]

Mike Tate: voters don’t care if Scott Walker was at center of criminal scheme

According to a freport by Gilman Halsted of Wisconsin Public Radio, Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Mike Tate says Wisconsin voters just don’t care that Gov. Scott Walker has been alleged to have been at the center of a “criminal scheme” to circumvent our state’s election laws.

As “proof” of his assertion, Tate cited super-scientific canvassing [...]

What were the “unusual circumstances” that led to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin endorsing John Lehman in a contested primary

According to this report by Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, last month members of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Administrative Committee (30 of whom are Democratic party insiders) voted to endorse state Sen. John Lehman, a Racine Democrat, for lieutenant governor,despite the fact that Madison activist Mary Jo Walters had also registered to [...]

Is it really Mike Tate’s fault Democrats aren’t running in all 99 Assembly races?

Over at Cognitive Dissidence, Jeff Simpson wants to blame Democratic Party Chair Mike Tate for the fact that Democrats did not field candidates in 26 of the 99 Assembly seats up for reelection later this year. The problem with the 72 county strategy, is it either has yet to be enacted or they are having [...]

It’s Time for Brett Hulsey to Fold Up His Tent

I thought he’d just be a little bit of a side show for a week and everyone would just forget about him. But he’s turned into a first class clown and it’s time he folded his tent and just went home. We certainly don’t need the distraction.

From Mike Tate, chair of the Democratic Party [...]

What Mark Harris’ run for Congress could say about Wisconsin’s Dem Party leadership

This is an interesting read (emphasis added). Winnebago County functions as a microcosm of the state, narrowly divided with the potential to swing between elections. In the 2012 recall election, 56% of Winnebago voters picked Walker. Yet, Obama carried the county with 51% of the vote later that year.

That’s a seven-point swing from June [...]

Just a bit of snark regarding John Lehman’s Lt. Gov announcement

As Ed Shaina noted earlier today, Democratic State Sen. John Lehman has announced he will run for Lieutenant Governor next year rather than seek re-election to his Senate seat.

As a friend on Facebook noted, there’s been no word on when Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate will issue a statement sharing his belief [...]

Tatewellian Double-Speak

If you completed high school English, there’s a 99% chance you’ve read at least one book by George Orwell. In one of his best works, 1984, he writes about a society that is being brain washed through the restriction and reprogramming of language—basically, cut out as many unnecessary words as possible, and introduce words that [...]

Lessons from the Old Dominion’s Gubernatorial Election

The big news out of Virginia today is Virginia is experiencing “blue shift.” A state that was once reliably red has become increasingly competitive for the Democratic Party. Part of it is because the northern part (closest to D.C.) is becoming very blue, but part of it is because the GOP still rewards candidates who [...]

Senator Vinehout versus Mike Tate

At this point in the 2014 campaign, I am firmly in the Senator Vinehout for Governor camp. And despite that I haven’t had any issue with Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate…until now.

The conventional wisdom is it is going to take some serious money to defeat Governor Walker in 2014. And the fact [...]

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14”

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