Wauwatosa Alderman Jason Wilke to run for County Supervisor in 15th district

Last month Wauwatosa Alderman Jason Wilke announced he is running in the special election to fill the vacant Milwaukee County Supervisor seat in the 15th District. There will be a special election to fill that seat after David Cullen was elected as County Treasurer, vacating the seat.

Here’s some background on Wilke. Wilke has been […]

Whither MKE County: Pat Jursik Calls Out The Suburbs on Housing Discrimination

This is a surprisingly harsh assessment of the suburbs blatant disregard for equal housing…on top of the fact that they oppose regional public transportation at every turn…but County Supervisor Pat Jursik simply lays it on the line:

Supervisor Patricia Jursik today issued the following statement regarding the SEWRPC Regional Housing Plan:

“Ferguson, MO is the […]

Whither MKE County: Downsizing Physical Plant!

County Supervisor Pat Jursik is preparing a resolution to reduce the number of buildings that Milwaukee County holds at their City Campus facility and start the move to dispose of other underutilized properties in the coming years. She would like plans set into to motion as part of the 2015 County Budget:

Milwaukee County Supervisor […]

Why Don’t We Vote?

These two photos are Afghans waiting to vote despite the threats of death from the Taliban.

Yet we had an election here in Wisconsin on April 1st when only 9.3% of the electorate bothered to show up. And no body was threatening their lives if they did so. So they got to decide […]

Marina Dimitrijevic response to successful County Board referendum: we need a task force!

This is more than a little funny… Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic said she’ll work to strengthen the board in the face of the referendum vote, while others proposed switching to night County Board committee meetings by the end of the year.

Dimitrijevic said in a statement she will appoint a task force “charged with strengthening […]

Milwaukee County Board pay referendum passes easily

By a margin of 71% for and 29% against, the referendum to cut the pay of Milwaukee County Supervisors passed and will become a reality after the current group of supervisors stand for re-election in 2016.

While I’m not surprised by the outcome of the referendum, given the fact that every community that had previously […]

Dissimulation on County Board Referendum Right Down To The Wire

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is taking the lies and obfuscations about the Act 14 required referendum on Milwaukee County Board pay and benefits right down to the wire. In a front page article in their March 31, 2014 print edition, they continue the nonsense about cutting supervisor’s pay by half will result in a part […]

Whither MKE County: The April Fool’s Referendum

It’s amazing that the last nail in the coffin of the Milwaukee County Board as we know it is a bogus referendum that is just a week away. Except for two very minor articles in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, this referendum has gone pretty much unnoticed. The left and the supporters of the board realize […]

Milwaukee County Board overrides Abele veto of unenforceable resolution

This makes absolutely no sense to me. On Thursday, supervisors overrode a veto by County Executive Chris Abele of a resolution demanding that he work out an agreement with the city to have the county take over the regulation. This, despite the fact that state law gives that authority only to municipalities, not counties.

Here’s […]

Is 11 The Lucky Number?

Last year when Act 14 was being debated across the breadth and width of Milwaukee County and the SanFelipans were agitating for a smaller Milwaukee County Board because it didn’t take 18 people to run the county…but whoops…when just one aspect of county governance is removed from local control by the state legislature…well it apparently […]

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