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Al Jazeera America’s Fault Lines presents: “Wisconsin’s Mining Standoff”

On Saturday, June 14, Al Jazeera America’s award-winning investigative documentary program “Fault Lines” will travel to Wisconsin to delve into the Battle over Wisconsin’s natural resources between corporate interests and citizens intent on preserving the environment. Here’s more about the show. “Fault Lines” correspondent Josh Rushing travels to the farthest reaches of northern Wisconsin, 200 […]

Mary Burke says she’s open to open pit iron mining in northwoods WI

Well this is something… The only currently-declared Democratic candidate for Wisconsin governor said she’s open to a proposed open pit iron ore mine in the Penokee Hills, but she said she would have vetoed the Republican bill passed this year that speeds up the mine permitting process.

Mary Burke was in Superior, Ashland and Bayfield […]

The Stella Report

If there’s anyone out there writing more consistently or in greater detail than Tony Stella about the shenanigans going on between Gogebic Taconite, Iron County and the state GOP, I’d love to hear who it is. Check out his latest offering about who wrote the mining bill.


Mining not an economic cure-all, at least not in Minnesota

Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his rubber-stamp legislature should read this before they continue to deceive Wisconsin’s citizens about the “job creation” potential of an iron mine in northwestern Wisconsin. Mining could be a huge economic boost for the state, say proponents of an iron ore mine in northwestern Wisconsin.

But it hasn’t been a […]

Guest Blog: A Letter to the Editor on mining

Dear State Journal Editor –

I attended the Mining Commission Hearing on Wednesday in Madison – hours away from the communities this bill will affect directly. Lest we forget though, this bill sets new mining rules for the whole state moving forward; it could be any of our backyards at some point. I had questions […]

VIDEO: Scott Fitzgerald reveals corporations wrote mining bill

Watch as Republican State Senate majority leader Scott Fitzgerald explains how corporations, not legislators, wrote the mining bill Republicans plan on ramming through this session:

Obviously I’m not one bit surprised at the “foxes in the henhouse” approach employed by Sen. Fitzgerald and his Republican colleagues, because they’ve never struck me as being truly interested […]

Shrill Labarre Supports Mimes!

Shrill Labarrel, failed tea party candidate and fringe right winger, today filed papers to recall Senator Bob Jauch. In her filing she let it be known that Senator Jauch was being recalled, because he voted against MIMES!

H/T Politiscoop:

As if the “tea party” hasn’t done enough damage, they now want to flood […]

How serious were Republicans on finding compromise on mining legislation? [UPDATE]

Democratic State Sen. Chris Larson asks the question: How serious were Republicans about working across the aisle on mining? Well, they cancelled the mining meeting on Monday just after the senate split and there would have been a 50/50 voice on how to move forward. This, after they put all 3 bills on the agenda […]

Republicans again immune to their hypocrisy in Madison

This morning Milwaukee Public Radio featured two news items back to back that exemplified the hypocrisy in the Republican legislature. The announcer played it straight but I am sure someone in the newsroom understood the irony in what they were doing! I haven’t gone back and vetted every word or statement. This is just a […]

Report: Sen. Tim Carpenter was going to vote with Republicans on mining bill..as of Monday night

From News Radio 620: So the training initiative was inserted into the bill. And sources say that in exchange for the initiative, Carpenter committed to voting for the bill. The unions are happy, Republicans are relieved, and fellow Democratic Senators don’t yet know anything about his decision, as of Monday night.

Speaking of Monday night, […]