Inside the numbers: the money race in the 20th Assembly district

As I mentioned in another post, Monday night was the deadline for campaigns across Wisconsin to file their campaign finance reports for the period spanning from January to July, and so I’ve been like a kid on Christmas morning.

Given my interest in the race in the 20th Assembly district, where three Republicans are vying [...]

#TBT – Molly McGartland: parents of murder suspects “infected” society with their offspring

Throwback Thursday (#TBT) is kind of a big deal on Facebook and the Twitters, so I thought I’d do a little Throwback Thursday here at Blogging Blue.

In honor of her entry into the race in the 20th Assembly district, today’s Throwback Thursday is dedicated to Republican Molly McGartland, circa 2013. Via Facebook comes this [...]

Some news from the 20th Assembly district

Some interesting tidbits of information coming out of the 20th Assembly district, where a gaggle of Republicans are vying to unseat incumbent Democratic State Rep. Chris Sinicki.

It looks like two-time candidate (and loser) Molly McGartland is back for another (likely futile) attempt at unseating Rep. Sinicki. While she hasn’t officially registered as a candidate [...]

Molly McGartland: parents of murder suspects “infected” society with their offspring

Via Facebook comes this gem from Molly McGartland, who has twice run and lost for the State Assembly seat currently held by Democrat Chris Sinicki.

As reprehensible as McGartland’s use of the word “infected” is, she later defended her use of the word “infected,” arguing that her use of the word “infected” was “spot [...]

My thoughts on the 2012 election results

Yesterday Jay wrote an excellent piece sharing his thoughts on the results of the 2012 election, and if you haven’t read it yet, you absolutely should. While Jay sums up much of what I’m feeling right now, I wanted to share some of my own thoughts as well.

While I’m certainly disappointed Republicans maintained control [...]

Some thoughts on the 20th Assembly district race

Last week a couple of random conservative blogs predictably made hay about some unpaid traffic tickets and other financial issues on the part of Democratic State Rep. Chris Sinicki (pictured, left), who’s running for reelection to the State Assembly. While I certainly appreciate the concerns of those conservatives who wanted to make a political issue [...]

Some Assembly-related election tidbits

According to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) “Candidates Registered by Office” report, things are about to get a little more interesting here in the south shore suburbs of Milwaukee.

In the 20th Assembly district, which in my opinion is very capably represented by incumbent Democratic State Rep. Chris Sinicki, Sinicki’s failed 2010 Republican challenger [...]

Molly McGartland refuses to answer questions…should we be surprised?

In an election year that’s become synonymous with conservative candidates refusing to engage the media and answer questions about where they stand on the issues, far-right Republican State Assembly candidate Molly McGartland has refused to answer a candidate questionnaire sent to her by the Bay View Compass: Molly McGartland, Republican candidate for the Wisconsin 20th [...]

Can someone explain what being a “fiscal conservative” really means?

Got a mailer in my mailbox today from far-right Republican State Assembly candidate Molly McGartland, the challenger to incumbent State Rep. Chris Sinicki here in the 20th Assembly District, and on said mailer McGartland makes the claim that she’s a “fiscal conservative.”

See, I always thought of a fiscal conservative as being someone who paid [...]

A few thoughts on the 4th CD candidate forum

Yesterday afternoon the League of Women Voters sponsored a candidate forum at the Kelly Senior Center for the three candidates in the 4th Congressional District. Turnout was good to hear incumbent Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore, Republican challenger Dan Sebring, and independent challenger “Eddie” Ayyash share their thoughts on the issues folks in the 4th CD [...]

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