A valentine courtesy of Monologues of Dissent


MoD: Kathleen Vinehout needs to enter the race sooner rather than later

This is brilliant… If Vinehout wants to hop on board the endorsement train, she needs to enter the race sooner rather than later. It still feels like posturing to me – this waiting until Burke has things so solidly lined up and then saying “oh, I didn’t stand a chance against the party machine. The […]

Governor Walker’s new clothes

This is well worth a read…

Dear Gov. Walker,

Ever since the recall election, the media has worked to paint a curious portrait of you as some kind of “moderate,” stressing always your someday-hopes of a bid at the presidency — assuming all that John Doe stuff goes away. Just this week, USA Today even […]

Republican Thugs – Part 12 – enough already

Monlogues of Dissent author Heather Dubois Bourenane has received a death threat.

DuBois Bourenane immediately made a report to the Sun Prairie Police Department about the telephone threat, which came at 4 a.m. this morning. DuBois Bourenane said the threat was made by a man who wouldn’t identify himself.

DuBois Bourenane said the man […]

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