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Texas sportscaster Dale Hansen speaks out on Michael Sam (VIDEO)

Though I haven’t written about the story of college football (and soon-to-be NFL) player Michael Sam, who recently announced he is gay, I absolutely had to share this.

Watch as Texas sportscaster thoroughly debunks the notion that a gay player wouldn’t be welcome in NFL locker rooms simply by virtue of his sexual orientation.


The Washington Wasi’chus

With Columbus Day just around the corner amid a renewed effort to get the Washington Redskins to change their team name ( President Obama said if he owned the team he’d consider changing the name ), I think we at Blogging Blue should come up with a new moniker for the NFL franchise that makes […]

Brendon Ayanbadejo: Players have to say they’re straight to keep draft stock (VIDEO)

This is worth watching.

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While I certainly applaud Brendon Ayanbadejo for his support for equality and tolerance, it certainly seems like the NFL has a long way […]

Oakland Raiders to donate 10 percent of season ticket sales to Oakland schools

This is a great story… Every season ticket purchased and paid in full between May 1 and June 30 will have 10 percent of its gross donated to the Oakland public schools. With season tickets starting at $260 a piece and costing as much as $1,510, the donation to the schools can be substantial.

The […]

I have to admit….Peyton Manning is a class act

Professional sports could use more sportsmen like Peyton Manning…

It’s Super Bowl Sunday…

…and we’re left with the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.

Though I’m loathe to root for either team, I can’t stand the New York Giants, so I’ll be pulling for New England to pull out a win.

Who will you be rooting for today?

Football is a Commie Plot!

At least it is according to Bill Maher…


H/T Dave Zirin of the Nation:

The NFL Players Association came out today with a strong statement against Indiana’s “Right-To-Work(for less)” legislation that Indiana is trying to pass. Bravo to them!


WASHINGTON—As NFL players, we know our success on the field comes from working together as […]

Topic of the Week: Will the Packers go undefeated?

I know this is completely unrelated to politics, but after their pretty convincing victory over the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving, I can’t help but think the Green Bay Packers can run the table and finish the regular season 16-0.

What do you think….can the Pack finish 16-0?

Topic of the Week – President Obama’s Speech

President Obama gives a speech this week that John Nichols has called the most important speech of his career. With the economy stagnating and this time after labor day being really the unofficial kick off of the 2012 presidential race what do you think? Should he have moved his speech to accommodate the Republican presidential […]