Why doesn’t Westlake know the difference between the “nuclear option” and reconciliation?

As part of his “Ask Dave” series on Facebook, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave Westlake has been encouraging supporters to ask him questions on Facebook, which Westlake then answers on video. On March 2, Russell Lee asked, “What about the Dems using Reconciliation to pass health care reform? Remember, this was called “the nuclear option” by the AP when the Republicans were threatening to use it for Supreme Court nominees.”

Here’s Westlake’s answer:

In his answer, Westlake uses the terms “nuclear option” and “reconciliation” interchangeably, demonstrating a clear lack of understanding of what constituted the “nuclear option” Republicans threatened to use in order to prohibit Democratic filibusters of judicial nominees. The Republican “nuclear option” would have done away with Senate rules requiring a 60-vote ‘supermajority’ to end a filibuster, while reconciliation requires no changes to existing Senate rules and has been used in the past by both Democrats and Republicans.

I’m not surprised Dave Westlake doesn’t know the difference between the Republican “nuclear option” and reconciliation, considering he also believes eliminate government programs and reduce taxes all by himself and that no one will stand in his way. Clearly Dave Westlake doesn’t understand how our government works, which is disconcerting considering he wants to be Wisconsin’s U.S. Senator.