Republicans ready to “drop the bomb” on private sector unions (VIDEO)

According to a press release issued yesterday by Democratic State Sens. Julie Lassa and Chris Larson and State Rep. Sandy Pasch, Republican legislators Paul Farrow and Ed Brooks are prepared to “drop the bomb” on private sector unions in the form of legislation that would allow employers to reduce the hours of their union-represented employees […]

Democrat Eric Prudent gets a second shot at Assembly District 98

Those who relish the complicated nature of Wisconsin politics will be pleased to learn that election season is not quite over in Waukesha County. Since Republican Paul Farrow ran for both Wisconsin Assembly and Senate simultaneously, and since he won his Senate race on Tuesday, he’ll be vacating his Assembly seat, giving Democrat Eric Prudent […]

Eric Prudent’s challenge to Republican incumbent Paul Farrow is not child’s play

Eric Prudent knows that as a twenty-four-year-old Democrat running in Wisconsin Assembly District 98, the deck is stacked against him. “How old are you?” is the number one question he is asked out on the campaign trail. Voters have told him to come back when he’s older, he’s been called “The Prom King” and more. […]

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