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When is government subsidized health insurance okay?

According to Paul Ryan, it is acceptable when it is Medicare..not so much when it is for the rest of the population. While he was Chair (and author of the Path to Poverty Prosperity) of the House Budget Committee, Ryan claimed that his “new” Medicare plan would control costs by having a more competitive market […]

Scott Walker, still not running for President?

Just a few days ago, our Governor was claiming that he might, sometime in the future, take a look at whether it made sense for “us” to run for President in 2016. As quoted in The Hill yesterday, when Governor Walker was asked about the possibility on “The Hugh Hewitt Show”, he said:

“I think […]

Cartoon: Wisconsin Puppets Courtesy of Dan Burr

Copyright 2014 Dan E Burr

Political Cartoon: The World According to Paul Ryan by Dan Burr

Another political cartoon courtesy of Dan Burr. This time poking a little fun at Paul Ryan

Copyright 2014 by Dan E Burr.

Disclaimer: I have been friends with Mr. Burr for quite some time…including working at Dirty Jack’s Record Rack where he was the lead cashier and I was the night manager…we both appreciate […]

It’s our money who’s wasting?!?!?

In an ad he’s currently running, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan closes the ad with the following line:

“I know full well that it’s your money they’re wasting in Washington.”

When I first heard that line, I couldn’t help but think that Paul “8 terms in Congress” Ryan has some nerve to talk about politicians in […]

Paul Ryan vs. the poor

I found this on Facebook and it seemed worth sharing…

Paul Ryan refuses to answer question about his $5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy (VIDEO)

During a stop last week in Pensacola, Florida to promote his new book, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan had an awkward exchange when he refused to answer a question he was asked about his $5 trillion tax break for the richest Americans. Here’s some video of the exchange.

Elected officials (especially those with a national […]

Losers Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney: Hillary Clinton “beatable” in 2016

This is ironic, coming from two men who’ve demonstrated they know nothing about how to win a presidential race. “Looking at her record, seeing how ineffective she was in securing more security, is going to be a great handicap for her in the general election,” said Romney. “I don’t think it’ll hurt her in the […]

Paul Ryan takes Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS after voting to cut funding for ALS research

Yesterday I posted video of me taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and I noted that ALS research is a cause worth donating to, especially given the drastic cuts to ALS funding by the federal government.

Among those who’ve taken the Ice Bucket Challenge to benefit ALS research was Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, and […]

” Hammerin’ Hank ” knocks another one out of the park

Home run king Hank Aaron ( sorry Barry Bonds, but Hank will always be my home run king ) came under fire recently for saying that racism is alive and well in America. At an event marking the 40th anniversary of his record breaking 715th home run Aaron told USA Today, in apparent reference to […]