Randy Hopper arrested for drunk driving….yet again.

Why am I not surprised by this?

Former Republican senator from Fond du Lac Randal Hopper spent Sunday night in jail following a report of a fight late Sunday at his ex-wife’s home.

Hopper, 46, of Fond du Lac, was cited for drunken driving and taken into custody on charges of disorderly conduct — domestic abuse, criminal trespass to dwelling and unlawful use of telephone, according to a Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office press release.

Hopper posted a $500 cash bond and was released from the Fond du Lac County Jail at 11 a.m. today.

Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to W5192 Rienzi Drive about 10:15 p.m. Sunday for a report of two men in a physical fight, according to the sheriff’s dispatch log.

The incident remains under investigation and will be forwarded to the Fond du Lac County District Attorney’s office for review.

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Randy Hopper asserts conspiracy by the public employee union members, gets acquitted of drunk driving

After asserting in court that he was the victim of a conspiracy by the public employee union members upset over his support of Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s attack on public employees through Act 10, former Republican State Sen. (and adulterer) Randy Hopper was found not guilty by a jury Friday on a charge of drunk-driving.

I guess Republicans like Randy Hopper only believe in personal responsibility as a talking point and not an actual way of living life, so the moral of this story seems to be don’t take any personal responsibility when you commit a crime – just blame someone else.

Randy Hopper – Victim

It seems every time republicans get in trouble or run afoul from the law, they have a very good talent of then becoming the victim. The party of “personal responsibility” never is! Witness the latest example: Randy Hopper!

H/T Dan Bice:

Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining bill has been blamed for a lot of stuff, but here’s a new one.

In tearful testimony, former state Sen. Randy Hopper explained at his OWI trial on Thursday that he thought county workers were out to get him when he was pulled over and arrested for drunken driving, according to a story and video by the Fond du Lac Reporter.

Hopper, 46, is charged with drunken driving, operating left of the center line and refusing to take a test for intoxication after arrest. He was pulled over on Oct. 16 while he and his girlfriend, Valerie Cass, were driving back from a Green Bay Packers game.

He did nothing wrong, he only had a couple beers but everyone in the state was out to get him.

On the stand, the former Fond du Lac Republican said he believed he passed his field sobriety tests but began questioning the motives of the officer, Deputy Nicholas Venne, after he was arrested, the Fond du Lac Reporter.

“I don’t have a lot of faith and trust in Officer Venne at this point because it seemed to me that he was out to get me,” Hopper testified. “There are a lot of people who work in the county that have never met me personally that have sent me some of the most vile messages you have ever seen, sir.”

The Reporter also said:

He then explained that he did not take a preliminary breath test at the Fond du Lac County Jail because county employees have threatened him repeatedly.

“The day everything broke lose in Madison, I had members of the union in my office who said, ‘If you don’t support us, we are going to destroy your life,’” Hopper said. “We’re going to picket your kids’ schools, we’re going to tear apart your reputation, we’re going to have you recalled.”

The only problem with his testimony? It wasn’t true:

Sheriff Mick Fink said any conspiracy theory that members of his office were out to get Hopper is “bizarre.”

“I don’t know where that (Hopper’s allegation) is coming from,” Fink said.

Fink said his office even supplied protection for Hopper when the former senator was concerned about his safety following the public’s backlash on budget repair bill and collective bargaining issue.


I will admit though many people did say some vile things and make many threats this past year!

Mistresses behaving badly: Valerie Cass edition

Apparently Valerie Cass was none too happy when her still-married boyfriend Randy Hopper was arrested for driving drunk….

The complainants who filed the report against Hopper told Venne that Cass approached their vehicle after Hopper was taken away and yelled at them. Cass had to be physically restrained by a woman who came to pick her up. Cass also attempted to take a photo of the family, according to Venne’s supplement to his report.

It’s worth noting that according to a written statement provided by the daughter of the complainants, Randy Hopper almost got into a head-on crash with a blue Mazda near Bud’s Landscaping on Highway 151 in the town of Taycheedah.

Instead of being angry at the family who helped get a dangerous drunk driver off the streets, perhaps Valerie Cass should focus her anger on Randy Hopper for choosing to drive drunk, endangering not only himself and Cass, but other drivers sharing the roads with Randy Hopper as he drove drunk.