Does Reince Priebus still think Donald Trump is a “net positive” for the Republican Party?

This piece is a year old, but I felt it was worth posting because I can’t help but wonder if RNC Chairman Reince Priebus thinks having Donald Trump as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee is a “net positive” for the Republican Party.

Still, Priebus said he thinks that having Trump in the 17-person race for the Republican presidential nomination has been a “net positive” in that it has brought interest to the process.

“I also think it’s an indicator that there’s a lot of folks out there that are just sick and tired of Washington,” Priebus said in an interview aired Sunday on “UpFront with Mike Gousha.” “I think Donald Trump has tapped into that. You look at the first debate we had, I think it was five or six times more viewers, in the beginning of August, than any debate in the history of either party.

“The key for us, of course, now is to tap into something that allows us to cross into a cultural barrier, which has been hard for our party.”

I’m betting Reince Priebus version 2016 recognizes now that Donald Trump’s presence atop the Republican Party’s presidential ticket is most definitely not a “net positive” for the Republican Party. After all, lots of smart folks think Donald Trump’s campaign is going to hasten the demise of the Republican Party as a serious national party.

Too little, too late

Today, because of the racially motivated massacre at the Charleston church, Governor Nikki Haley finally called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the Capitol grounds. It took her almost an entire week to do something besides call for the death penalty for the shooter. She stood with Lindsay Graham and Tim Scott who previously were disinclined to comment on the matter, tho Scott did promise to have some “robust” conversation on the topic of race relations. Wisconsin’s own Reince Priebus even jumped on the flag removal bandwagon with his usual drivel about uniting people (actions speak louder than words, asshat). Since the Confederate flag had flown over the Statehouse until 2000 (just think about that…135 years after the end of the Civil War), we’ll see if the Legislature can muster the fortitude this time and remove it altogether. I have my doubts. WalMart has taken more of a stand by discontinuing the sale of Confederate merchandise than South Carolina officials…of course, they wouldn’t do anything as extreme as discontinuing the sale of firearms.

The sad fact is that the hatred behind the Confederate flag will still be there…whether or not it is still flying on the Capitol grounds or being sold at WalMart. What’s more, those in power want to maintain that hatred along with the economic (and social) slavery mindset that it supports. It is deeper than a symbol….it is fuel to the fire. As long as we are divided, especially along racial or class lines, the more likely we are to be exploited. America needs to face the facts…and demand more from ourselves and our leaders.

Third time’s the charm?

After Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama in 2012 (47-51%), the head of the RNC, Wisconsin’s own Reince Priebus, ordered an “autopsy” to determine what the hell happened. The 2013 report concluded that while their ideology was sound, their messaging and outreach needed some work. The GOP needed to “open the tent” and appeal more to women, gays, Hispanics and young people. Suggestions included spending gobs of money hiring “outreach staffers”, backing immigration reform, and shortening the primary process. Fast forward to 2014 and a mid-term election giving the GOP complete control of both houses of Congress (due to voter apathy and gerrymandered districts) and the RNC has developed amnesia. So much so, that the current GOP Presidential front-runner for 2016 is MITT ROMNEY, followed closely by Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Chris Christie.

Believe it or not.

Reince Priebus seeks to broaden GOP base by doubling down on opposition to marriage equality

So much for the kinder, gentler GOP that’s working to broaden its appeal beyond its rather un-diverse base.

Twenty-four hours after the Supreme Court announced it would not consider appeals of lower court rulings legalizing same-sex marriage in five states, effectively paving the way for couples to marry in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, Colorado, and Wisconsin, the head of the Republican National Committee warned that these unions could undermine American society.

Appearing on MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown on Tuesday, Reince Priebus reiterated the GOP’s support for a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman, before arguing that social conservatives like David Lane and Tony Perkins are “right to be concerned about what’s happened here in this country over the last couple of years.” Preibus also seemed to support Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) push to introduce a constitutional amendment prohibiting the federal government from changing state marriage laws.

I really really hope Republicans continue to oppose marriage equality, a woman’s right to choose, and voting rights, because those issues are sure to continue to narrow their base and make them less and less relevant as a national party.

GOP Chair Priebus discloses true nature of right-wing coordination for Scott Walker

And here’s GOP Chairman Reince Priebus admitting the state Republican Party coordinated political efforts with outside groups like Americans for Prosperity, tea party groups, and the Grandsons of Liberty, among others.

[National GOP chair Reince] Priebus made his comments on a Saturday morning CPAC panel addressing how conservatives could fight and defeat organized labor state by state,..

“How did we do it in Wisconsin?” RNC Chair Reince Priebus asked Saturday morning. “The simplest way I can tell you is we had total and complete unity between the state party, quite frankly, Americans for Prosperity, the Tea Party groups, the Grandsons of Liberty. The [Glenn Beck-instigated] 9/12ers were involved…

Panelist Luke Hilgemann, the current Americans for Prosperity COO who formerly led the Koch-backed group’s Wisconsin efforts, told the crowd that the 2011 victory “started back in 2007 on the shores of Lake Michigan,” at a meeting of fifteen intrepid activists who’d “had enough of government overreach,” including then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker. Priebus, a former Wisconsin GOP head, credited the ability to pass Walker’s reforms in part to the party and Tea Party activists unifying well before the 2010 primary…

In light of revelations by Reince Priebus of coordination between the Wisconsin GOP and outside groups, James Rowen of The Political Environment has a great question: Who was there at the pivotal meeting disclosed by Reince Priebus at CPAC?

Reince Priebus threatens to take his toys and go home like a petulant child

Reince Priebus reminds me of a crybaby…

The chairman of the Republican National Committee threatened on Monday to refuse to partner with CNN or NBC on any presidential primary debates if the two networks move ahead with plans for television projects on Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Reince Priebus, the chairman, said in letters to the two networks that he considered the projects to be a “thinly-veiled attempt at putting a thumb on the scales of the 2016 presidential election.”

According to the report by Steve Benen, Priebus has also said he intends to hold a “binding vote” at the RNC’s summer meeting to block NBC and CNN from partnering on party sanctioned debates if those two networks go ahead with their planned television projects on Hillary Clinton. What’s more, RNC went on to say presidential candidates would be “punished” – without elaborating on how exactly they’d be punished – if they agreed to participate in debates aired by the networks.

I think this tweet by former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe sums up Reince Priebus’s threats best:

Reince Priebus thinks Mitt “47%’ Romney and GOP had a good week

While pretty much anyone with any sense would agree Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had a pretty awful week last week, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus thinks Romney “had a good week” last week.

“I think that we had a good week last week,” Priebus said on ABC’s “This Week.” “I think in retrospect, in that we were able to frame up the debate last week in the sense of, what future do we want and do you want out there.”

What I’d like to know is what alternate reality Reince Priebus is living in, because the fact that Mitt Romney came under fire from a good number of very credible conservatives after his slew of offensive comments makes it pretty clear Romney had a terrible week last week.

Racine County District Attorney Finds NO VOTER FRAUD in Recall

Despite the shouting and accusations from the Republican legislators about alleged voter fraud in Racine during the June 5th Senatorial recall…where Senator-elect John Lehman defeated Senator Van Wanggaard…there was NO VOTER FRAUD!

From the august Racine Journal Times:

County investigators have found no evidence of criminal activity after looking into claims of alleged voter fraud at Racine polling places during the June 5 recall election.

The Racine County Sheriff’s and District Attorney’s office made the announcement via a press release on Friday, stating that they will not be filing charges related to the allegations.

The announcement comes after a nearly month-long investigation the two offices the made into four separate complaints of alleged voter fraud.

The complaints included allegations of a poll worker soliciting voters, the discovery of suspicious voter registration documents in garbage bin, the mishandling of absentee ballots, and violations involving same-day voter registration procedures.

In the release officials state that “a thorough inquiry” was made into the “somewhat limited information” provided to the offices in the complaints, and the “information did not rise to the level required for a criminal prosecution.”

So we can expect apologies from Sen. Van Wanggaard, RNC Chair Reince Priebus, State Reps. Robin Vos and Jeff Fitgerald first thing Monday?

BTW: in a response to a letter from two of the fabled Republicans listed above, the WI GAB issued a letter blasting the irresponsible allegations coming from the Republicans…see more about that here!