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Getting Beyond Today’s Schadenfreude: Cain Dropping Out Leaves the Adulterer and the Mormon

It is time to get beyond the schadenfreude.  Oh, sure, it is a delight to see Herman Cain in denial over a 13 year “friendship,” so much that he is thinking of ending his campaign.  That’s not going to matter. …

Anti-Gay Homophobe Rev. George Rekers Caught with Rentboy “Julien”

For those of you not following it, we have yet another case of right wing religious hypocrisy a.l.a. Ted Haggard, Larry Craig or countless other “anti-gay” redeemers who have made one of their life missions to attack the very thing they deny in themselves, that they are gay or at least love male sex. Family man and Reverend George Rekers who co-founded the Family Research Council with James Dobson, espouses gay conversion therapy as a board member of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuals (NARTH) and is a regular consultant to anti-gay initiatives around the country; was revealed to have hired an escort for a ten day trip to Europe.