Only at the Journal-Sentinel: The Equivalence of Unequals

Only at the Journal-Sentinel would you find Nikki Haley, the corrupt and unpopular Tea Party governor of a small southern state sharing the lede with former President of the United States, Bill Clinton who remains incredibly popular despite all efforts by the hate right to destroy him during his tenure in the White House.

This is just another example of a bizarre political equivalency run amok in Wisconsin.

Ridiculous… Just ridiculous.  But hardly surprising considering who the MJS endorsed.

Walker Canvassers Induce Voting Fraud

In yet another twist of irony, canvassers for Walker appear to be encouraging multiple voting, or, at least not making it clear to people that they’re signing up for an absentee ballot.  Apparently their obsession with “voter fraud” is more of a self-reflective moment than anything else.

A man in Waukesha County was duped by a Walker canvasser into signing a request for an absentee ballot.  The man had already cast an early ballot.

After election officials discovered he had cast one ballot and another had been mailed to him, Gresch contacted him.

The man said he did not recall applying for an absentee ballot. However, he said a couple of weeks ago a man came to his door and asked him to sign something, according to Gresch.

“(He) said he was asked to sign something with other people’s names on it, but he wasn’t really sure what he was signing and that it seemed weird,” Gresch said.

“The guy at the door handed him Walker information and told (the man) the more signatures he got, the more commission he made,” Gresch continued.

“(The man) said he has a hard time saying ‘no’ to people that ask for stuff when they come to his house, so that’s why he signed something,” Gresch added.

Gresch said the man later came to the clerk’s office and verified the card mailed to the clerk’s office was the same one he signed for the individual soliciting his signature.

A couple of points.  First, here’s yet another example of how Voter ID would do nothing to prevent an incident of multiple voting or false identity voting.  Second, this is why we need to improve our voter registration systems to prevent these incidents from happening in the first place.  Fortunately, a sharp-eyed clerk noticed the discrepancy and acted appropriately.  But we should’t have to rely on sharp-eyed clerks (cough, cough, Kathy Nickolauscough, cough) to catch these events.  We need better registration safeguards.

And also, too – Paid to canvass?  Really? Your Republican grass roots in action!

Democracy: Only a Faint Echo to the GOP

Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 4

Horatio: He waxes desperate with imagination.

Marcellus:Let’s follow. ‘Tis not fit thus to obey him.

Horatio:Have after. To what issue will this come?

Marcellus:Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Horatio:Heaven will direct it.

Marcellus: Nay, let’s follow him. [Exeunt.]

Something is rotten in the GOP nominating process.  After tonight’s Maine caucus, the fix is in.

The mainstream media has chosen to ignore it, but there is something really wrong going on in the Republican nominating process.

If this whole situation is reminding anyone of Mitt Romney’s caucus night “win” in Iowa, it should. Just as Rick Santorum won Iowa, it is very possible that Ron Paul won Maine. The Republican establishment is so desperate to get Mitt Romney nominated as soon as possible that they have no qualms about rigging their own elections.

The GOP establishment wanted Mitt Romney to win Maine. They needed Romney to win Maine, so they made sure that Mitt Romney won Maine.

The Republican establishment is rigging their own primary process to get the nominee that they want.

Nobody should be surprised by this.  The GOP’s contempt for democracy is well documented.  Any party with an aggressive campaign of voter disenfranchisement would not balk at rigging their own primary process.  Democracy is not in their creed.  Authority and power are what they’re all about.  The democratic process? Not so much…

I’m reminded of another authoritarian regime…

Rick Santorum

I never, in a million years, thought that we would have to ever discuss Rick Santorum on a national stage as “serious” candidate. Yet thanks to a group of incredibly bad candidates, and a basic tie for first place in Iowa(I get that that means nothing) and the fact that he is the current “non-mormon” candidate, people are actually voting for Rick Santorum. Who knew that asa country we could find 50 people to vote for Rick Santorum much less enough to carry a state but here we are.

Again there is no need to re-invent the wheel, because The Rachel Maddow Show did the heavy lifting recently to expose the real Rick Santorum. When you look into who he is, you realize as the saying goes “there is no there, there.”

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Walker awards no-bid legal contract to big campaign donor who then bills the state nearly $100,000

First, a big thanks is due to Jake of Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse for bringing this story to my attention.

According to a report by Bill Lueders, Republican Gov. Scott Walker has agreed to pay a private law firm up to $500,000 for legal services regarding his controversial budget repair bill curbing public employees’ collective bargaining rights. Gov. Walker signed the special counsel contract, which authorized payment to the Madison office of Michael Best & Friedrich at the rate of $300 per hour, a rate characterized as being “unusually high.”

The contract was signed on February 7, 2011, four days before Gov. Walker “dropped the bomb” that was his so-called budget “repair” bill, and the contract seems to have been awarded without any competition. It’s worth noting that Michael Best & Friedrich employees donated $37,000 to Gov. Walker’s gubernatorial campaign in 2010, donations that certainly seem to have paid off, given Gov. Walker’s decision to award that firm a $300 per hour, $500,000 no-bid contract.

To add insult to injury, signing the contract for Michael Best & Friedrich was attorney Raymond Taffora, who just a month earlier quit his job with the state attorney general’s office – and who also happened to be a contributor to Walker’s gubernatorial campaign.

Correspondence shows the governor on Feb. 4 requested legal assistance from the attorney general’s office in anticipation of litigation on the bill. The office declined, citing a lack of sufficient non-union staff with the necessary expertise. It recommended that the governor appoint special counsel.

According to Gov. Walker’s assistant legal counsel, the total billed to date to taxpayers of the State of Wisconsin by Michael Best & Friedrich is $96,215.

Another interesting fact about the special counsel contracts entered into by Gov. Walker is that while the contracts signed by Gov. Walker provide no explanation as to why the contracts are necessary, a review of the 23 special counsel contracts entered into by former Gov. Jim Doyle during his last two years in office shows special counsel contracts were promptly filed and routinely stated why the Attorney General was not involved.

Apparently Scott Walker believes he doesn’t need to provide any explanations when it comes to how he’s spending taxpayer money, as if taxpayers deserve to know what he’s doing with their money.

Democratic election bloodbath begins!

Republican Senator Ted Stevens (R-Bridge to Nowhere) was found guilty today by a jury of all seven counts in his federal corruption trial. The jury found Sen. Stevens guilty of “knowingly and willfully” scheming to conceal on Senate disclosure forms more than $250,000 in home renovations and other gifts from an Alaska-based oil industry contractor. Sen. Stevens faces a maximum sentence of up to to 35 years in prison when he’s sentenced, though the judge has the discretion to give Stevens as little as no jail time and probation when he is sentenced.

Despite the conviction, Sen. Stevens has vowed to continue to seek re-election as Alaska’s United States Senator. Already facing a tough fight from Democratic challenger Mark Begich, Sen. Steven’s chances obviously can’t be helped by his conviction today, and I’m willing to venture a guess Mark Begich will now go on to win Alaska’s U.S. Senate seat by a comfortable margin. This election is shaping up to be an absolute bloodbath for the Democratic Party, and I couldn’t be happier.

H/T to the Recess Supervisor at Playground Politics.