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4th Congressional district GOP: vote for Democrat Gary George

Apparently the Republican Party of the 4th Congressional district really thinks Democratic Congressional candidate Gary George, who’s challenging incmbent Rep. Gwen Moore, is their kind of Democrat:

No doubt the Republican Party of the 4th Congressional district’s support for Gary George is based on their understanding that Dan Sebring, their preferred candidate, can’t beat […]

WI Republicans to consider measure to secede from U.S. at their yearly convention (UPDATED)

Boy, Republicans in Wisconsin sure aren’t afraid to bring the crazy…

To secede or not to secede.

That will be the question for Wisconsin Republicans at next month’s convention.

Earlier this month, the party’s Resolutions Committee voted in favor of a proposal that says the state party “supports legislation that upholds Wisconsin’s right, under extreme […]

A new meaning for the “GOP” in “Wisconsin GOP”

Thanks to Republican State Rep. Bill Kramer the Wisconsin GOP can now stand for Groping Other People.

Wisconsin GOP fires convicted sex offender who was a paid staffer

Well this is just…..wow. Records show that the state Republican Party has had on its payroll for the last couple of years a staffer with a felony count of possessing child pornography. 

Alexander Combs, a former counselor at a Mukwonago co-ed camp, was hired by the state party to work in its Madison headquarters as […]

Republican Party of Wisconsin shows its rank hypocrisy on jobs (VIDEO)

Earlier today, the Republican Party of Wisconsin fired off a press release attacking Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke for not having a job creation plan just two months into her campaign. Two months into her “No Promises” campaign, Millionaire Mary Burke still has no plan for job creation in the state. “A candidate running for […]

“Democrat” Sheriff David Clarke to attend Republican Party gun fetish events

Just in case anyone actually believe Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke really is/was a Democrat, Sheriff Clarke will be the keynote speaker at an event later today sponsored by the Republican Party of Wisconsin – 4th Congressional District. Here are the details of the event. The Republican Party of Wisconsin – 4th Congressional District

Meet your kinder, gentler, “less racist” Wisconsin GOP

Courtesy of James Rowen at The Political Environment comes this image of a t-shirt being sold at the Republican Party booth at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Image courtesy The Political Environment

Stay classy, Wisconsin Republicans!

Emerge Wisconsin Gets Noticed By The Republican Party of Wisconsin

From my email inbox this afternoon:

GOP Target Democratic Women

Madison – Emerge Wisconsin recently learned they were the subject of an open records request by the Republican Party of Wisconsin. The request appeared to be targeting the Emerge Wisconsin Alumnae. There are currently eight Emerge women who are serving in the state legislature: […]

Wisconsin GOP shows off its “diversity”

Take a look at the tremendously “diverse” Republican Party of Wisconsin:

Image courtesy Root River Siren

The Wisconsin Republican Party is attempting to re-brand itself as a more inclusive entity. They are co-opting traditional Democratic strategies like opening a whole bunch of campaign offices in Wisconsin, voter registration efforts and block captain organizing – […]

Paul Ryan’s fall from grace begins…

And so begins Rep. Paul Ryan’s fall from grace within the Republican Party…

It’s worth noting that 2016 Republican presidential contenders Sens. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul voted against the very same fiscal cliff deal.