Defeating Scott Walker

I’ve never been one to endorse a candidate or publicly lean towards one during a primary election. And in Wisconsin, we could be headed for one next fall.  But there are some things which need to be addressed about our current situation.  A lot of people are questioning the state party and are asking why Mary Burke should be getting into this race at all.

Well, if you really think about the Burke candidacy, it actually makes a lot of sense. This race isn’t about you, or me and how we can invigorate the liberal base. This race is about removing Governor Scott Walker and the destructive path that he has lead our state upon. He’s demolished a public employee’s right to collectively bargain; has slashed education budgets across the state; hurt communities that are hurting and has yet to deliver on his promise of 250,000 jobs for the State of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin doesn’t need more naysayers. What we need is simple: people to come together like and say YES. Republicans have developed a way to say NO NO NO to everything. They’ve shut down the government over health care, they’ve held up the credit rating of our country over the debt ceiling, they’ve shut down the wages of public employees over their choice to collectively bargain for wages and now they are choosing to sit here and go against everything we stand for in, well, everything.

My friends, we are in this together. I get that we don’t always get the perfectly liberal candidate that is pro-choice, pro-union, anti-death penalty, and everything liberal. But hey, that’s not how the world works.  And realistically neither Mary Burke nor Kathleen Vinehout fits this description.

We should be celebrating the fact that someone is willing to come out of the private sector and run as a Democrat and face the uphill battle that is defeating Walker.

I realize not all my fellow bloggers here on Blogging Blue even agree with me on this stance, but as we perpetuate this attitude of separation we are no better than the Tea Party. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been disappointed in a candidate or an outcome of an election. But this time, near anyone different than Walker would be a step up. Mary Burke is a progressive businesswoman from Wisconsin who will no doubt come out in support of many of the principles you and I believe in. And if she moves on to a general election, I will stand by her.

Imagine if the Democrats had not come home in 2008 after the brutal Obama/Clinton primary where we would be sitting.

If or when Senator Vinehout decides to run, I will also celebrate her decision of her candidacy.  But until that day comes, I remain loyal to the Democratic process, the Democratic Party and the State of Wisconsin on this issue; because I believe that Scott Walker is a slap in the face to all of those things that I hold so dear.

And I’ll give you my formal endorsement on August 13, 2014 after the primary.


Why The Affordable Care Act Isn’t A Train Wreck!

We’ve been inundated with talking points from the Tea Party and the Republican Party on how the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is a train wreck. We’ve seen the uproarious political cartoons from the right that let us know that the ACA, aka Obamacare, is a train wreck.

Well here’s why I know that Obamacare is going to work.

The Republicans in the house are doing everything in their power…possibly even crashing the world economy…by shutting down the US government and defaulting on US debt to get Obamacare.

They know it’s going to work…they know that once the initial bumps are worked out…that people will accept it…will come to expect it…and it’s going to work.

If it were going to be a train wreck, they’d sit back and worry about something else, and let Obamacare run off the rails. They could shout ‘I Told YOU So’ the length and breadth of the land!

And they’d easily win in 2016.

The Hypocrisy Of Republicans on Benghazi and the Navy Yard

In between voting the 41st time and the 42nd time to repeal or defund Obamacare, the Republicans have reopened their investigation into Benghazi!

They are irate that four Americans lost their lives in a terrorist attack in what is essentially a lawless area of a foreign country still in the throes of a revolution.

Yet just a mile or so away from their domed office space, twelve Americans lost their lives in a terrorist attack in a supposedly peaceful nation. And nary a whimper from them…despite the fact that the Senate was actually in lock down for a period Monday after the shootings.

They aren’t willing to protect Americans at home! WTF is wrong? Hypocrisy isn’t a strong enough word by a long shot!

Once last word on Rep. Todd Akin

There has been enough press coverage on the Missouri Representative’s Dark Ages ideas on rape that I don’t need to reprise the issue again here on Blogging Blue.

But rather than this plank from the 2012 Republican Party Platform:

The Republican campaign platform denounces contraceptive education in schools. Instead, it advises kids to abstain from sex until marriage.

shouldn’t this incident cause the Republican Party to be screaming for comprehensive, biologically accurate sex education? I mean really?

Cal Thomas is full of it (again)!

In the Thursday June 14, 2012 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Perspectives page, Cal Thomas opines on ‘Why are Republicans the only ones called extreme?). NOTE: I believe that headline was written by MJS editors since it is different than the one on Thomas’ website which can be found here.

His opening shot:

Don’t you find it odd that the word extremism seems to apply only to conservative Republicans?

From someone who has a permanent seat on the left side of the aisle, who’s weathered the conservatives doing everything in their power to demonize the term liberal, who’s experienced the current right tossing off epithets of socialist or communist everytime I turn around, and who’s been the direct recipient of bigotry as a ‘Marxist Jew’…all I can say about Mr. Thomas is…I CALL BULLSH*T!

In closing, here’s one thing we agree on (which is why he is slandering the left in the first place):

Terminology often drives political discourse and those who control the terms often determine the outcome.