Republican State Rep. Chris Kapenga to submit “right to work” for less legislation

According to a report by Todd Richmond of Bloomberg Businessweek, Republican State Rep. Chris Kapenga is poised to submit “right to work” for less legislation here in Wisconsin during the next legislative session. A Republican lawmaker promised Tuesday to introduce a right-to-work bill, prompting warnings from a Democratic leader that the state could see a […]

Another Desperate And Irresponsible Attempt To Smear The GOP

Apparently I am not the only desperate liberal blogger who wants to smear the GOP in their own words…about that grant to UW-Madison to study the sleep habits of fruit flies and mice. Just today Bruce Murphy in his column Murphy’s Law at wrote just a bit about Representative Robin Vos’ (R – Burlington) […]

Saul Newton: The cost of doing business with Boss Vos

What follows is a guest blog by Saul Newton. This was originally posted on but has been reposted here at the request of the author. If Democratic politicians told Assembly Speaker Robin Vos that because of his political affiliation his business would not qualify for tax credits or any other state aid, Vos would […]

Thursday Music: Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers Of America

For those of you in Madison…I think you know who you are:

Robin Vos is a petty, spiteful little man

If there is a smaller, more petty, more spiteful human being in Wisconsin than Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, I haven’t met him or her. President Obama’s visit to the University of Wisconsin last month could prove costly.

The new Speaker of the State Assembly says UW’s decision to cancel classes for the President’s visit is […]

Could Robin Vos be Wisconsin’s Eric Cantor?

Last month, former House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost the Republican primary for the seat he held to Dave Brat, a relatively unknown tea party candidate who Cantor outspent by a wide margin. At the time I noted the 2014 election cycle could end up being interesting after all, and here in Wisconsin there’s […]

Justin Moralez can’t have it both ways

Let me set the stage for you all.

According to a reliable source, Republican State Assembly candidate Justin Moralez recently walked into Rollie’s Tap in Cudahy to collect signatures to get his name on the ballot. While attempting to garner some signatures, Moralez regales patrons with stories about how his mother and father are both […]

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos on redistricting reform: “no one cares”

Apparently Republican Speaker of the Assembly Robin Vos doesn’t think redistricting reform is worth considering. “Nobody cares,” Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Burlington, finally concluded earlier this week as he tried, repeatedly, to dismiss suggestions by the Wisconsin State Journal Editorial Board that he should convene a public hearing on redistricting reform.

“I hear from newspapers, […]

Scott Walker opens door to shifting tax burden to poor, middle class in WI

According to a report by Jason Stein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Republican Gov. Scott Walker has indicated he wants to use the next biennial budget in February 2015 to a potential tax overhaul. Among the changes Gov. Walker is likely to consider are eliminating or flattening the income tax to dropping technical colleges from […]

Assembly Speaker Vos supports Kenosha casino, but where does Gov. Walker stand?

I wonder what Gov. Scott Walker will do. “While the decision is ultimately the governor’s, I hope he will listen to us as we continue to communicate that new jobs in Racine and Kenosha are just as important as jobs created in any other area of our state,” wrote Vos, who represents western Racine County.


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