TV station rejects pro-Johnson ‘cow manure’ ad

OK! Now we are starting to have some fun!

The pro-Ron Johnson super PAC Let America Work said Monday that a Milwaukee television station has refused to air an ad that includes an image of a steaming pile of cow manure and use of the word crap.

Let America Work senior adviser Graham Shafer called the decision by WISN-TV (Channel 12) “political censorship at its worst. It’s also comical hypocrisy.”

A notation of “copy unacceptable” was written in the ad file by a station employee.

I don’t have a whole lot of problems with the word crap and I hear it in public quite often…but I don’t think it is that common on very many over the air public media outlets. So I understand WISN-TVs reticence to air the ads. Clearly not doing so will cost them some money.

But here is where the real fun starts:

Shafer said: “When compared to the off-color language and indecent images that appear on WISN every single night, our ad is very tame.

He forgot to mention that most of the off-color language and indecent images are coming from their republican candidate for president…

A Tale of Two Rons

Ron Johnson has repeatedly criticized Russ Feingold for Feingold’s opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership, saying that he doesn’t know how Feingold could have opposed it before he even read it. Holy cow! Rojo sounds just like Ron Kind!

At a February 2016 listening session in Eau Claire, Kind was challenged by a Buchholz for Congress staffer about Kinds support for the TPP, noting that former US Senator Russ Feingold was opposed to the sweeping trade agreement. Here’s what Kind said:

When Ron Kind sounds just like Ron Johnson, and parrots RoJo’s attacks on Russ Feingold, you really have to wonder which side Ron Kind is on?

Ron Johnson is “sympathetic” with someone like Donald Trump

This is yet another reason why Ron “Our Dumb Senator” Johnson needs to be voted out of office.

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson said Friday that he’s “sympathetic with someone like Mr. Trump” and wants to give the presumptive Republican presidential nominee time to get smart on policy issues before pressuring others in the party to endorse him.

Johnson has endorsed Donald Trump, while other Republicans both in Wisconsin and nationally have shown more reticence. Johnson spoke to The Associated Press before the kickoff Friday night of the state Republican Party convention, which will focus largely on the senator’s re-election campaign against Democrat Russ Feingold. But Republicans’ struggles with accepting, or rejecting, Trump hang heavy over the meeting taking place in Green Bay.

Senator Johnson May Withhold Support For a Candidate Trump

In an effort to remain out of the fray for the GOP nomination for president, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, who is himself is up for re-election this November, has refrained from endorsing any candidate and has promised to support the eventual Republican nominee…well until today that is:

Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson has declined to rule out a future break with his party’s presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump — a shift from Johnson’s past statements that he would back whoever the GOP nominates.

Following Trump’s reluctance to disavow a former Ku Klux Klan leader in a Sunday TV interview, Johnson told radio host Charlie Sykes that he’s happy to disavow any form of white supremacy.

Johnson, R-Oshkosh, said he’s “praying” for leaders who won’t be divisive and — without naming Trump — said he’s demoralized by the current state of the presidential race.

“It’s depressing to see how this is devolving,” Johnson said.

Asked by Sykes in Monday’s interview if he’ll do the same, Johnson said: “let’s see how the process plays out.”

“I don’t like demagoguery on any side of the political spectrum, and we have it across the political spectrum,” Johnson said.

Johnson previously has maintained he will support whoever the GOP nominates for president.

This is one time that Senator Johnson is making the right call…too bad it’s because he’s afraid of losing his seat in the Senate instead of just using his better judgment.

Russ Feingold nails it Republican threats to block any Obama nomination to Supreme Court

In response to promises from Republican Senators including Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, and Wisconsin’s own Ron Johnson that they would obstruct any Supreme Court nominee put forth by President Barack Obama, former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold issued a statement.

“The authors of the U.S. Constitution did not outline a two-party system. Nor did they imagine that a plan for reasonable checks and balances would become a tool to empower petty obstructionists like Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson.”

That succinct statement is precisely why I can’t wait until Russ Feingold is once again representing Wisconsin in the United States Senate.