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Ron Paul receives S.S. benefits even though he believes it’s unconstitutional (VIDEO)

Watch as libertarian Republican Rep. Ron Paul explains how he gladly draws a Social Security check from the government even though he thinks Social Security is unconstitutional (watch at about 1:17 into the video).

What’s even more stunning about Rep. Paul’s admission on Wednesday is that it came only minutes after he called for […]

I want to be a fiscal conservative

Because those guys spend money like crazy(on themselves):

Ron Paul, The deficit hawk and republican presidential candidatewho has never seen a spending bill that he liked, UNTIL NOW!

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) emerged this week atop a list of congressional representatives who’ve paid family members fees and salaries from their campaign war chests, congressional […]

Ron Paul: Dumber by the Day

I didn’t think it was possible, but Ron Paul is getting dumber.

“There is no such thing as federal money,” Paul said, on CNN’s State of the Union. “Federal money is just what they steal from the states and steal from you and me.”

Wrong and wrong.

The Defects of the Gold Standard and the Ignorance of Ron Paul

This is the best, simplest explanation of the reasons the gold standard is so profoundly broken. Are you listening, Ron Paul?

In short, there is a really serious problem inherent in any banking system in which the standard is itself a medium of exchange. The very fact that gold is money means that, in any […]

Of Tulips and Gold: The Ron Paul Devolution Marches On

Warren Buffett tears into the gold buggery so favored by nuts like Ron Paul. Mr. Buffett prefers productive to non-productive assets.

The second major category of investments involves assets that will never produce anything, but that are purchased in the buyer’s hope that someone else – who also knows that the assets will be forever […]

Michigan Seems Like Obama’s Dream

Michigan holds its GOP primary at the end of this month, and if it were held right now it would be Mitt Romney’s nightmare. Romney, who calls himself a “son of Detroit,” and who went to school at the elite Cranbrook Academy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, has is having a tough go in the state […]

Concise Takedown of Gold Buggery

Pushing back on the ongoing derailment of the G.O.P. and the commitment of both Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul have committed to appoint one of Wall Streets best-know gold bugs to chair the Federal Reserve. This would be a ReallyBadIdea(tm). Any romantic notion that a return to the gold standard reflects a poor understanding of […]

Democracy: Only a Faint Echo to the GOP

Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 4

Horatio: He waxes desperate with imagination.

Marcellus:Let’s follow. ‘Tis not fit thus to obey him.

Horatio:Have after. To what issue will this come?

Marcellus:Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Horatio:Heaven will direct it.

Marcellus: Nay, let’s follow him. [Exeunt.]

Something is rotten in the GOP nominating process. After […]

History Repeats: Ron Paul – EPIC FAIL

And so it goes…

Honest Abortion?!?

I’m back riding that Ron Paul horse… From Matt Bors: