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Ronald Reagan: Collective Bargaining = Freedom (VIDEO)

I’m sure I’ve shared this here before, but it seems appropriate given efforts by Republicans here in Wisconsin to weaken labor unions.

Scott Walker gets a “Liar Liar, Pants on Fire” rating after Ronald Reagan union claim

As Gov. Scott Walker continues to make the rounds nationally to bolster his viability as a Republican presidential candidate, he’s finally being exposed on a broader level for what he really is: a liar and an idiot. During a January 21st appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Gov. Walker was asked about the importance of foreign […]

Tweet of the day, courtesy of @TeaPartyCat

This is by far my favorite tweet of the day.

After FOUR AMERICANS DIED in Benghazi, Obama should've resigned, just like Reagan did after 241 Americans died in Beruit.

— Top Conservative Cat (@TeaPartyCat) May 1, 2014

Why did Gov. Scott Walker lie about voting for Reagan? (UPDATED)

Correction: The right-wing blogger who originally quoted Scott Walker as saying he voted for Ronald Reagan has since corrected his original report, blaming the misquote on a transcription error.

As noted by James Rowen at The Political Environment, Gov. Scott Walker has once again demonstrated his tenuous relationship with the truth. In an interview with […]

What’s the Deal with Progressives and Agism?

Just about a year ago, a candidate for local office visited Drinking Liberally to present a case for being elected over the long term incumbent. One of the knocks on the incumbent was the officeholder’s age put him out of touch with the district. Looking around the room at all of the gray hair and […]

Why 2012’s presidential election shouldn’t be compared to 1980

As James Hohmann writes for Politico, any comparisons between Republican Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign and the successful 1980 presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan may appear to be apt superficially, but might not stand up under closer scrutiny. A handsome former governor faced a vulnerable incumbent, a weak economy and a crisis in the Middle […]

Ronald Reagan: “Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost”

Here’s Ronald Reagan, the “patron saint” of today’s conservative movement, sharing his thoughts on the importance of labor unions and collective bargaining in free societies.


You Just Made That Up!

The Young Guns (Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor & Kevin McCarthy) have been telling anyone who will listen the regulations is choking the private sector like like Justice David Prosser chokes a woman*(he was mad so it was justified). Unfortunately for the ‘Young guns” Bruce bartlett, ex Ronald Reagan and George H W Bush economist was […]

Thom Hartmann Breaks Down 40 Years of Republican Treason

And does a very thorough job of it. Now at least we have Herman Cain!

Bruce Bartlett Goes Rogue

Holy mackerel! Bruce Bartlett, economic advisor to Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush makes a surprisingly strong case for Keynesian fiscal stimulus. He also says that, between Obama and Congress, it’s never going to happen. He dismisses the idiocy of regulation as causing the lack of aggregate demand.

“We should be borrowing like mad.”

“We […]