That Didn’t Take Long: Supervisor Bowen to Run for Rep. Pasch’s Seat.

Just a day after Representative Sandy Pasch’s announcement that she will not seek re-election from the Wisconsin 10th Assembly District, County Supervisor David Bowen throws his hat squarely into the ring.

I don’t think he’ll be the only candidate…seats without incumbents are magnets for political figures wanting to move up and there is no reason [...]

Rep. Sandy Pasch Is Not Running For Re-election.

Most of you have probably heard or read about State Representative Sandy Pasch’s decision to not run for re-election.

This is a real disappointment to me and I am sure many of the progressives in Wisconsin. Rep. Pasch is one of the most active, effective, consistent and articulate progressive members of the Wisconsin State [...]

The Ever Quotable Representative Joe Sanfelippo

From JSOnline’s article about Rep. Joe Sanfelippo and Sen. Sandy Pasch’s proposals for a regional mental health authority, a remarkable quote from Rep. Sanfelippo:

“We are politicians. What do we know about this stuff?”

Something that I have been thinking about Rep. Sanfelippo for some time…nuff said!

Assembly Democrats Have No Spine: What Budget?

Although it doesn’t always pay to tilt at windmills, the decision by Wisconsin Assembly Democrats and Assembly Minority Leader Representative Peter Barca to refrain from offering a single amendment to the biennial budget is downright perplexing. On the one hand I can understand the futility of offering up amendments that have absolutely no chance of [...]

Whither Manitowoc County: Board Passes Resolution in Support of Milwaukee County Board

Quite frankly I am surprised that it has taken this long for other county boards to take notice and then take action:

MANITOWOC, Wis. —The Manitowoc County supervisors have passed a resolution criticizing Republican-backed legislation that would weaken the power of the Milwaukee County Board.

Manitowoc County is three counties north of Milwaukee County, but [...]

State lawmakers to host public hearing on changes to local control in Milwaukee County

From the email from the Milwaukee Democratic Legislative Caucus;

State lawmakers to host public hearing on changes to local control in Milwaukee County

MADISON – Local residents are invited to share their opinions on the state-imposed changes to the Milwaukee County Board at a public hearing this Tuesday in Milwaukee. The hearing starts at 5:00 [...]

Republicans ready to “drop the bomb” on private sector unions (VIDEO)

According to a press release issued yesterday by Democratic State Sens. Julie Lassa and Chris Larson and State Rep. Sandy Pasch, Republican legislators Paul Farrow and Ed Brooks are prepared to “drop the bomb” on private sector unions in the form of legislation that would allow employers to reduce the hours of their union-represented employees [...]

Time for a Milwaukee County Caucus in Madison!

We all remember Tommy Thompson’s ‘Stick it to ‘em’ quote about Milwaukee back in 1995 or more recently Governor Walker’s recall speech ‘We don’t want to be like Milwaukee’. And several of our progressive candidates during the recent state primaries voiced the concern that we weren’t being adequately represented in Madison.

We have to fix [...]

Sandy Pasch: “If politicians aren’t responsible to the public, they should go.”

Eugene Kane of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel dissects the nasty racial divisions of the recently concluded primary in the 10th Assembly district, a primary that featured soon-to-be retired Democratic State Rep. Elizabeth Coggs encouraging voters to vote for someone who looked like them, an obvious reference to the fact that Sandy Pasch was the only [...]

Tomorrow is primary day!

Tomorrow is primary day for the fall elections here in Wisconsin, and I’d like to encourage each of you to do your civic duty and cast your votes for the candidates of your choosing.

However, if you’re undecided or just plain uncertain of who to cast your vote for, here’s a list of some [...]

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