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Republicans Afraid Of Their Own Actions

Before today’s committee hearing on the misnamed Right to Work Legislation, Senate Labor Committee Chair Senator Steve Nass stated that they had to hurry up to pass the bill to avoid a confrontation with the people:

Nass told the committee that it was essential to move quickly on right-to-work legislation to avoid the sustained protest […]

Right To Work Isn’t About Freedom In The Work Place Says Fitzgerald!

The proponents of Right to Work (at your co-workers expense) legislation continually chant that it’s about freedom for workers…despite union representation being voted on by a majority of their co-workers…the individual should be able to opt out of that. But we all know it’s about union busting.

And so does House Speaker Robin Vos and […]

Wisconsin State Legislature Calls Extraordinary Session To Solve Critical Emergency!

The Wisconsin State Legislature is calling an extraordinary session next week to apparently fend off a statewide crisis. Something called Right To Work (at the expense of your co-workers) legislation demands that it be passed…oh…no…wait. This is an emergency? Isn’t that what extraordinary sessions are for?

Here is a primer on the difference between […]

Legislative Per Diems Versus Minimum Wage

As Zach pointed out earlier, State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and the GOP Assembly members would like to raise their expense per diem from $88 to $137.50. Now I realize it’s been a while since the per diem was last changed and inflation/recession/inflation has taken some purchasing power out of their wallets…or should I say […]

Barbarians at the gate, inauguration version

This photo pretty much sums up everything that’s wrong with politics here in Wisconsin.

Former Assembly Speakers & current school privatization lobbyists Jensen, Gard & Fitzgerald at Assembly swearing in pic.twitter.com/6UdFRM1EET

— Rebecca Kemble (@rebeccakemble) January 5, 2015

Duane Dubey: Right-to-work puts politics above people

From my email inbox comes this editorial by frequent Blogging Blue commenter Duane Dubey.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, recently said he wants the Legislature to take up right-to-work quickly, which continues the Republican effort to destroy unions.

Doesn’t Fitzgerald remember the disaster and cost of Act 10? Does he not recall the letter […]

Thursday Music: Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers Of America

For those of you in Madison…I think you know who you are:

Why is Scott Fitzgerald blocking oral chemotherapy coverage?

Why is State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald blocking a bill that would mandate health insurers provide coverage for oral chemotherapy? I’m inclined to agree with Worley Dervish’s assessment.

Republican Senate Majority Leader fast tracks bill to allow in-session lobbyist checks

Of course Sen. Scott Fitzgerald wants lawmakers to be able to accept contribution checks from lobbyists while the legislature is still in session. As the legislative session winds down, the state Senate’s leader is putting on the fast track a bill to rewrite campaign finance law to allow lobbyists to hand off clients’ campaign checks […]

The Stella Report

If there’s anyone out there writing more consistently or in greater detail than Tony Stella about the shenanigans going on between Gogebic Taconite, Iron County and the state GOP, I’d love to hear who it is. Check out his latest offering about who wrote the mining bill.