Whoops But Mary Burke Is Wrong On This One

I realize that running her gubernatorial campaign on a meme of jobs is a positive attention getter…but Mary Burke is flat out wrong on this one. Prioritize road work based on what would create the most jobs? With our deteriorating infrastructure it seems that the right approach is a priority on what needs fixing to [...]

Where are all the jobs, Scott Walker?

This graphic sums up Gov. Scott Walker’s failed record on job creation during his first term in office.

Image courtesy Burke for Governor

To further highlight Gov. Walker’s failed record of job creation during his time as governor, the campaign of Democratic gubernatorial nominee Mary Burke is out with a new ad hitting Gov. [...]

Public Education in Wisconsin 2014

This letter is a must read for anyone who cares about public education in Wisconsin.

This is written by a soon to be former teacher in the West Allis/West Milwaukee school district..and I actually knew him from my time in the Gay/Straight Alliance club in high school.to say reading this makes me sad is an [...]

Mary Burke rejects Scott Walker’s efforts to ease environmental oversight

This is worth reading… Scott Walker’s supporters and critics agree on this much: The governor has delivered on his campaign promise to speed up and simplify permits for environmentally sensitive activities like mining and digging high-capacity wells.

“I will make sure the DNR treats Wisconsinites as customers, not criminals,” then-candidate Walker said in 2010, saying [...]

Editorial: Scott Walker lacks real business experience

This is a point that needs to be hammered home every day between now and November 4. Gov. Scott Walker is trying to distract voters from his record by yelling about “outsourcing.” Where does he get his business expertise?

Other than getting a part-time sales job during college, he did some marketing and fundraising for [...]

Scott Walker contemplating expanding Act 10 to include firefighters & police officers

It should surprise absolutely no one that Gov. Scott Walker is considering expanding the anti-union restrictions of Act 10 to police officers and firefighters if he wins reelection.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) said this week that state Republicans might expand the state’s controversial restrictions on collective bargaining to the two sectors spared from the [...]

Cargill gives 2 days notice in announcing 600 layoffs in Milwaukee

Apparently Cargill didn’t get Gov. Scott Walker’s message that Wisconsin is “open for business.” Cargill’s Harvest and Fabrication Operations Plant located in Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley is closing. This shut down affect 600 Cargill employees.

The company says the closure is due to the shortage of beef caused by droughts. The Harvest and Fabrication Operations Plant [...]

Report: WEDC awarded taxpayer funds to four more companies that outsourced WI jobs

Just a few weeks ago news broke that the WEDC, Gov. Scott Walker’s “job creation” agency, had awarded millions of taxpayer dollars to companies that outsourced Wisconsin jobs to foreign countries. In response to that bad news, Gov. Walker’s reelection campaign went on the offensive to attack Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Mary Burke for supposedly profiting [...]

Mary Burke pulls ahead of Gov. Scott Walker in very close Marquette poll

The newest Marquette University poll came out today, and having seen the results, it’s no wonder Gov. Scott Walker has unleashed a barrage of negative attack ads against Democratic frontrunner Mary Burke. Among likely voters, Burke led Walker, 47% to 46%.

While those numbers are still well within the Marquette poll’s margin of error (+ [...]

Scott Walker’s flip-flop on outsourcing

Back in 2012, Gov. Scott Walker shared his thoughts about what he thought of President Barack Obama’s attacks on his GOP challenger, Mitt Romney, over the issue of outsourcing.

At the time, Walker made it clear that he felt President Obama was attacking Romney on outsourcing to distract voters from President Obama’s poor job performance, [...]

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14″

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