Another Unique Lie In The Sale of Wisconsin Government To The Highest Bidder!

This is just a subscript in a recent article about how poorly the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources had performed under the Walker Administration:

Walker and the Legislature also scaled back the power of state agencies by giving the governor authority to review and approve all regulations written by state agencies before they take [...]

Remember that time Gov. Scott Walker’s administration engaged in a little political plagiarism?

While conservatives (and especially Gov. Walker’s reelection campaign) have been making a big deal of the supposed “plagiarism” (though it wasn’t really plagiarism) in Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke’s jobs plan, it’s important to remember that Gov. Walker isn’t unfamiliar with plagiarism, according to this 2011 report indicating Gov. Walker’s administration engaged in a little [...]

Governor Walker Says Candidate Burke Should Fess Up On Jobs Plan

Considering the obfuscation and tap dancing around the issues we’ve seen from Governor Walker on the dubious goings on in his Milwaukee County Executive office, his various campaigns, and his activities as governor…I found it amusing that the Governor would suggest that candidate Burke fess up:

Asked if Burke should pull out of the [...]

Gov. Walker appoints his lawyer’s brother to a judgeship

On Friday Gov. Scott Walker appointed former Outagamie County District Attorney Vince Biskupic to a seat on the Outagamie County Circuit Court. For those of you playing at home, Vince Biskupic just happens to be the brother of Steve Biskupic, the former U.S. Attorney who coincidentally has been working as Gov. Scott Walker’s attorney for [...]

Gov. Walker: drug testing the poor is “about compassion”

Speaking at a campaign event on Monday, Gov. Scott Walker defended his proposal to require recipients of public benefits to submit to drug testing as being “about compassion.” Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Monday defended his proposal to require drug tests of people seeking unemployment assistance and food stamps by saying it was an act [...]

Workers file OSHA complaint about unsafe Scott Walker TV ad

In a recent TV ad, Gov. Scott Walker used a ladder to climb out of a hole in the ground (see the image above), and while some have used that ad against Gov. Walker to point out the hole he’s put our state in, some workers have filed an OSHA complaint against Gov. Walker [...]

Progressives Behaving Badly – Milwaukee County Edition:

I am on the Grassroots North Shore email list and look forward to the information that they forward and the activities that they arrange. As a result of that affiliation I have also been receiving emails from North Shore for Mary Burke. I received their latest email last Thursday and was interested in their take [...]

Does Voter ID Threaten The Secret Ballot?

As part of the enforcement of the voter ID law, absentee ballots must be accompanied by a copy of the voter’s photo ID. So for you voting procedure mavens out there…does this jeopardize the secret ballot?

From Mal Contends today:

“”The law is clear that most absentee ballots must be accompanied by a copy of [...]

Scott Walker wants drug testing for public benefits recipients

This is a dumb idea. Gov. Scott Walker is laying out his vision for a second term, pledging to freeze technical college tuition in the state, cut income taxes and test working-age recipients of public benefits for drugs.

With less than two months to go in a tight re-election race, the Republican governor put forward [...]

What could have been: Michigan, Illinois invest in high speed rail

If only Gov. Scott Walker weren’t so short-sighted… If you’re looking for high-speed rail with a Chicago connection, don’t look toward Wisconsin. Two high-speed train sets that originally were set to connect Chicago with Milwaukee and Madison, and eventually Minneapolis, look like they’re headed to Michigan instead.

The Michigan Senate has cleared the way to [...]

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