Dan Sebring: conservative majority on U.S. Supreme Court conspiring against Scott Walker

This is bizarre, even for a fringe candidate like Dan Sebring. Republican Dan Sebring, who is running to represent Wisconsin’s 4th District in the House of Representatives, told ThinkProgress he suspects a political motive behind the Supreme Court’s recent ruling putting the state’s voter ID law on hold.

“The United States Supreme Court said we [...]

MJS editors wonder: What if we lived in a Wisconsin without Act 10?

This is worth a read… If Walker could travel to that other universe — the one where he negotiates with unions instead of breaking them — here’s what he would find: The budget deficit is closed through negotiated employee concessions, cuts to programs and a little fiscal magic. There are no new taxes. There are [...]

Scott Walker’s bald spot is newsworthy?!? Really?!?

Can someone explain to me why Gov. Walker’s bald spot is even something that’s newsworthy? As Gov. Scott Walker was wrapping up his visit Monday with the State Journal editorial board, he joked with cartoonist Phil Hands that Hands draws his ears too big — but said the cartoonist’s portrayal of his bald spot was [...]

VIDEO: A public servant shares her story of Act 10’s impact on her family

This is a powerful video.

My own thoughts on the impact of Act 10 on public employees are well-documented, but Monologues of Dissent summed up my thoughts perfectly. This is my boat, and the boat of so many other state workers who were barely getting by prior to the “modest concessions” and cuts imposed [...]

Mary Burke has two nice things to say about Gov. Scott Walker (VIDEO)

During her interview this week with the Editorial Board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke was asked to name a “couple of admirable traits” about Gov. Scott Walker. Here’s what Burke came up with.


Walker, Burke tied among likely voters in latest Marquette poll

This is a big deal. The race for governor has tightened again, with Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke tied at 47% among likely voters in a poll released Wednesday by Marquette University Law School.

Burke eliminated Walker’s 5-point lead among likely voters in the Marquette poll two weeks ago.

The race [...]

New Mary Burke ad: “Red Barn”

Earlier this week Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke released a brilliant new ad highlighting her record of growing a business and creating jobs, a record that runs in stark contrast to Gov. Scott Walker’s broken job creation promise and his poor record of creating jobs in Wisconsin, in contrast to many of our Midwest neighbors.


Shorter Scott Walker: Wisconsin is full of lazy folks

During Friday night’s gubernatorial debate between Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke, discussion turned to the possibility of raising Wisconsin’s minimum wage, at which point Gov. Walker made it clear the issue in Wisconsin isn’t his abject failure to create jobs as he promised; it’s that Wisconsinites are simply too lazy to take [...]

The Scott Walker/Mary Burke debate open thread

Let’s talk about tonight’s debate between Gov. Scott Walker and his Democratic challenger Mary Burke.

What does $11 buy you? (VIDEO)

This is a great ad from Mary Burke’s campaign, highlighting just how ridiculous Gov. Scott Walker’s “tax cuts” are for the average Wisconsin taxpayer.

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14”

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