New Hampshire Winner: The Moderates

Yes, I understand that Senator Bernie Sanders carried the day in New Hampshire. But it wasn’t the resounding win that he experienced in 2016 against a very well known opponent.

But this time the moderates clearly won. If you take Sen. Sanders vote total and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s vote total, you get 103,711 for the progressive wing of the party.

If you consider the moderates to be former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Amy Klobuchar, and upstart Pete Buttigieg, their vote total was 159,174.

Shrug. So South Carolina will be very very interesting…as maybe Nevada will be.

Will There Be An Impeachment Trial In The Senate?

Damn straight! And here’s why:

The House is expected to approve their Articles of Impeachment along an essentially party line vote. Now over the past few months, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has indicated that he might table the trial portion of the proceedings…but that’s pretty much bullshit.

It’s been commonly accepted that the president won’t be removed from office by the Senate. And as we know, there is nothing that Sen. McConnell will do or leave undone to further his agenda.

Given that there are several key Senators running for president on the Democratic ticket, I will expect to see schedules, delays, and interference with the trial by the GOP to maximize the pain on the various candidates around the early primary season. Keeping them in Washington when they’d really like to be in Iowa or New Hampshire or North Carolina or where ever.

Just watch:

Elizabeth Warren on Harris and Bloomberg…and fundraising

I am trying to catch up on my emails and it is getting harder and harder to do as more and more candidates are finding my email address…and as the campaigns efforts to fund raise ramp up as spring elections and primaries get closer and closer. But this one from Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren talks about candidates who have dropped out…and some billionaires who feel no pain:

Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand — two women senators who, together, won more than 11.5 million votes in their last elections — have been forced out of this race, while billionaires Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg have been allowed to buy their way in.

Our party and our democracy deserve better.

Our democracy should not be for sale, and yet, billionaires have been able to use their money to try to buy this election outright.

Running for president shouldn’t be a passion project for bored billionaires. Billionaires shouldn’t have the power to recruit their other billionaire friends into this race, or make threats about what they’ll do to the American economy if they don’t get their way.

Elizabeth is running to be the best president that money can’t buy. She doesn’t sell her time to the wealthy, doesn’t hold fancy fundraisers with special access for big donors, and isn’t beholden to corporate interests or their lobbyists. She’s in this fight for working people.

Emphasis is from the original email.

We’re going to root out corruption in Washington right at the source — and level the playing field for working people in this country

I have removed the fundraising details. The emphasis is from the original email.

Thanks for your help,

Team Warren

I have a problem with Mr. Bloomberg’s entry into this race. If he wanted in, he should have gotten in months ago when every one else did. This late entry seems to support Sen. Warren’s position that this is purely an ego stroke. Certainly Mr. Steyer’s presence is as well but he’s been at it the entire time.

There will be more to say about the race…

Harris/Buttigieg or Warren/Buttigieg

I’ll admit that I haven’t seen the complete Democratic debates yet. I am waiting for one of the upcoming rain days to hunker down and try to assimilate them.

But from the excerpts and pundit videos and media digests it sounds like two solid possible tickets would be Senator Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg or Senator Elizabeth Warren and the mayor.

Either way I think the president will have a tough time with either of these smart and determined women. They aren’t cut from the same mold as Hillary Clinton. Someone on social media suggested we look for a strong debater to take on Trump…I am thinking if the Dems nominate either of these women…the president doesn’t agree to any debates.

My pick of Mayor Buttigieg for vice-president is wrapped around his youth and inexperience on the national stage. Which makes him perfect for VP. He can use the position to grow and get known. I wouldn’t think any of the other front runners would care to assume the VP role…their current positions are more valuable and interesting jobs politically and personally.

If Mayor Pete doesn’t make the ticket and the Democrats retake the White House, I’d suggest his role should be Secretary of State. I think he’d be awesome in that role. Language skills, military experience, unflappable, diplomatic demeanor, and obviously a serious thinker and quick learner.

So…that’s where I’m at for the moment.