Ron Johnson: 2nd Amendment is Sacrosanct, but the others?

Is it too soon to talk about gun control (sarcasm)?

After the mass killings in El Paso and Dayton, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel talked with Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson (R) about how the federal government could prevent similar occurrences in the future. Well he’s got the NRA party line down!

“I’m a strong defender of Second Amendment rights and I’m not really looking to water those things down to pass laws that really are ineffective.”

Well what exactly does he mean by laws that are ineffective? One of them is the push to expand background checks to all gun sales with a few exceptions. He just doesn’t see their effectiveness.

“The vast majority of purchases go through that background check,” Johnson said. “Let me point out: It hasn’t prevented these tragedies, has it? So, I don’t think Washington has a whole lot of solutions in terms of this particular problem.”

Johnson cast doubts about expanding background checks. He voted against such legislation in 2013. He missed a vote on the issue in 2015 but said at the time he opposed the idea.

“I’ll consider pieces of legislation when it’s before me but I voted no in the past because my evaluation is I just really don’t think it’s going to move the needle in terms of effectiveness,” Johnson said Wednesday.

Well…we do know of one local mass murder that may have been prevented by universal background checks. The article even mentions it…the shooting at the Azana Salon and Spa in Brookfield a few years ago. And from preliminary reports, the gunman in Philadelphia who wounded six police officers during a stand off shouldn’t have been able to own fire arms either.

Given that we already have background checks for many sales of fire arms…and that requirement has withstood court challenges…extending it to all gun sales should be a no brainer. Will it eliminate all mass shootings? No, of course not, the senator is correct on that matter. But what if it had prevented the Brookfield shooting or that mess in Philadelphia? Wouldn’t saving some lives be better than throwing up our hands as Senator Johnson has done?

But I mentioned that he didn’t feel the same about amendments other than the 2nd. Well, the senator would like authorities to have more access to medical records…cause as we know…all of these shooters are mentally ill.

Johnson, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, said he’d rather put the focus on making school buildings safer and giving police officers easier access to health and school records.

emphasis mine

Seems to me that that access might violate, maybe, the 4th, 5th and 14th Amendments…but hell…who cares…it isn’t the 2nd! And of course, as far as health records…there’s that pesky HIPAA law!

“It’s hard to protect people in an open society without becoming a police state,” he said.

But isn’t providing police additional and new access to personal records exactly one step closer to a police state?

Anyway…I fully support extending background checks on the sale of fire arms to any and all sales. This is a common sense move that…agreed…won’t stop all of the mass murders the US has and will certainly experience…but if it prevents some…it is worth doing. Every life saved is a life saved.

H/T To Jake formerly of the LP For This Piece On Trump, Russia, And Wisconsin

This piece over at the Daily Kos was brought to my attention by one of our regular readers. It is a very thorough description of the Wisconsin connection to the Russia/Trump relationship during the 2016 election cycle. It’s well worth the read by one of our regular readers and commenters:
Wisconsin’s Russia-GOP connection. It goes well beyond poll data in Mueller Report

The Mueller Report had plenty of information as to how Russians worked to subvert our elections and gained influence in our current US government. But what jumps out to me is how much of that story and related Russian affairs connected back to Wisconsin.  

Our state appears in the Mueller Report as one of a handful in the Midwest that former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort passed information about to a Russian intelligence agent. The report indicates that this was done to tell the Russians the best way to boost Trump’s chances in those states.

And you may recall that Trump did surprisingly well in all of those states in November 2016. Funny, that.

I’d also like to see Walker, Clarke, Paul Ryan, ex-Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus (named several times in the Mueller Report) and Ron Johnson go before Congress and answer some pointed questions in the coming months. They have a lot to answer for in how they’ve allowed our democracy to be threatened over the last few years, and why they don’t seem too willing to do much about it.  

Nice job Jake!

Ron Johnson Refused To Defend the Constitution.

Senator Ron Johnson (R – WI) held the line with the Trump regime and voted against the resolution to end President Trump’s National Emergency for the border wall. He totally misconstrues the nature of the resolution. Yes, voting for it would be a vote against the president…but sometimes you need to vote against the president. Sometimes you have to defend the Senate and the House and their Constitutional responsibilities compared the those of the executive branch. That is the stated purpose of the resolution. That is the Constitutional law behind it…and voting for the resolution would have been the right thing to do given the senator’s oath of office.

Johnson said Thursday’s vote “will not fix any problem, but it does demonstrate whether a senator supports or opposes border security. I will always choose to support border and homeland security.”

Always support homeland security over the Constitution? Without the rights and powers and responsibilities defined and assigned in the Constitution…what is there to defend?

But the senator goes on to cast blame on the Democrats for the lack of support for the wall and the lack of support of the president’s border policy.

“Unfortunately, securing America’s border has turned into a political brawl, with Democrats…now refusing to supply the funding for necessary barriers because they don’t like this president,”

Let me again remind the good senator that he and the Republican party held the majority in both houses of Congress over the past two years as well as the White House…yet they never saw fit to fund the wall. THEY never funded the wall when they had the power to do so. They know it’s a waste of time and money.

“We have a growing humanitarian crisis at our border that has seen more families and unaccompanied children enter our country in the last five months than at any other time on record. That certainly qualifies as an emergency.”

Yes it is a humanitarian crisis…one that requires humanitarian relief…not a wall. A crisis of our own making.

Senator Johnson is on the wrong side of history here…he failed to defend the US Constitution…he failed to keep his oath of office…and he ceded another legislative power to the imperial presidency.