My Favorite JSOnline Letter to the Editor Today!

Johnson’s logic

I read with great amusement Sen. Ron Johnson’s statement after his meeting with President Barack Obama’s nominee to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court (“Johnson meets with, still opposes Garland,” May 11).

Johnson contends that the Senate shouldn’t consider the nominee because there is a presidential election this fall and to do so before the results are in would thwart the will of the people, even though the president was elected to a four-year term, which ends on January 20, 2017. That is to say, the president should cease to fulfill his constitutional duties today because his term ends after this November’s election.

Can we assume that Johnson will apply this same logic to himself and immediately refrain from casting votes in the Senate because his term also expires after the election? [emphasis mine]

Senator Ron Johnson Is Trying To Save Obamacare

Remember our Senator Ron Johnson’s lawsuit against Obamacare? Who can forget one of the most inane things he’s done in Washington so far in is term as senator.

Well apparently the GOP wised up to the fact they states led by GOP governors who refused to set up their own state insurance exchanges will be in a major world of hurt if the Supreme Court rules against the current implementation of the Affordable Care Act:

A Supreme Court ruling due in a few weeks could wipe out health insurance for millions of people covered by President Barack Obama’s health care law. But it’s Republicans — not White House officials — who have been talking about damage control.

A likely reason: Twenty-six of the 34 states that would be most affected by the ruling have Republican governors, and 22 of the 24 GOP Senate seats up in 2016 are in those states.

Obama’s law offers subsidized private insurance to people without access to it on the job. In the court case, opponents of the law argue that its literal wording allows the federal government to subsidize coverage only in states that set up their own health insurance markets.

Most states have not done so, because of the intense partisanship over “Obamacare” and in some cases because of technical problems. Instead, they rely on the federal website.

And of course the timing couldn’t be worse…not smart to take affordable health care away from millions of your constituents just before the presidential election cycle….not a good idea at all. So what’s a GOP legislator to do? Well pass a new law to extend the subsidies if the Supreme Courts rule against it. And guess who is out front on that line of thinking? Wisconsin’s Republican Senator Ron Johnson:

If the subsidies are overturned, Republicans will first try blaming Obama and the Democrats for writing flawed legislation and then trying to paper over problems with regulations. Then they’ll move ahead with a patch to appease angry constituents.

A bill introduced by Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., would continue the subsidies for existing customers only on the federal exchange until Sept. 2017. That would open a window for states to act, but it would ultimately leave the problem for the next president and Congress. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is a co-sponsor.

Whoa whoa whoa…wait…what?

But of course Sen. Johnson is also taking a swipe at the ACA:

Johnson’s bill would repeal the requirements for individuals to have insurance and for larger employers to offer coverage to workers.

So the president is likely to oppose the legislation on these last grounds and get to take the blame for not extending coverage for those who may lose it. But of course the court could just surprise us and say the intent of the legislation is clear and let it stand.

BTW: why is Yahoo news the first place that I have seen this information @ Sen. Johnson’s new found support for Obamacare?

Another Note Or Two On Ron Johnson:

Zach already posted a piece on Senator Ron Johnson’s tone deaf swipes at Russ Feingold…as Mr. Feingold enters the field to retake his seat in the US Senate.

But he left out a telling piece from that article. After being critical of the McCain – Feingold campaign finance reform bill, he just had to add this:

Johnson did not back new disclosure laws, saying people had a right to anonymously make donations to groups that engage in political speech.

It should come as no small surprise that Sen. Johnson wouldn’t want to prevent the very ethically challenged financing that helped him into office from providing support in 2016.

And back to his statement that he’s an outsider in Washington! After four years in the Senate it’s time to stop acting the outsider and work to actually get something done. Let’s face it. Even the McCain – Feingold bill he maligned came from Mr. Feingold’s ability to actually work across the aisle!

P.S. Everyone has the right of free speech…but I don’t believe the Constitution provides for the right of anonymous speech for anyone.

Sen. Ron Johnson Blames Student Debt Crisis On Young Wisconsinites

from that invigorating email inbox comes this presser from the College Democrats of Wisconsin:

March 26, 2015
RELEASE: Sen. Ron Johnson Blames Student Debt Crisis On Young Wisconsinites, Says It Is Too Easy To Get Student Loans

When asked about the rising cost of a college education at an event this past Saturday, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson blamed the problem of student debt on young Wisconsinites and argued that it was too easy to get student loans. Sen. Johnson, who has repeatedly voted against legislation to tackle the problem of student loan debt, claimed that students think “it’s kind of free money, young people don’t necessarily understand finance.” According to Sen. Johnson, “it’s pretty easy to get a federal loan, college is fun.” In response to Sen. Johnson’s comments, College Democrats of Wisconsin Vice Chair Phoenix Rice-Johnson released the following statement.

“Sen. Ron Johnson’s recent remarks are on par with Mitt Romney’s ‘47%’ comments in terms of ignorance and elitism. Rather than address the problem of student loan debt, Sen. Johnson has chosen to shamelessly insult the intelligence of Wisconsin students. Across the state, students work multiple jobs in addition to attending class, only to graduate with an average of $22,400 in debt. The average student borrower pays nearly $400 a month for almost 19 years. The problem is not young people’s understanding of finance – the problem is out-of-touch politicians like Sen. Johnson who have let Wisconsin’s student debt crisis spiral out of control.

Sen. Johnson’s previous votes against common sense student debt reform have already shown his lack of commitment to college affordability. These recent comments give students across the state crystal clear proof that Sen. Johnson neither respects us nor values our concerns. In 2016, young Wisconsinites will remember his words.”

Watch the video of Sen. Johnson’s remarks:
Read about his comments in The Hill:

Did RoJo violate the Logan Act?

A petition has been started on the White House ” We the People ” webpage calling for charges to be filed against the 47 US Senators who signed a letter sent to the Iranian government, a letter that appears to be an attempt to undermine the Obama administrations efforts toward reaching a nuclear agreement with the Iranian government.

The petition alleges the 47 Senators are in violation of the Logan Act, which prohibits unauthorized persons from communicating with foreign governments regarding US foreign policy.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is one of the signatories, which should come as no surprise. Johnson’s general ignorance about a lot of things is well documented, as evidenced by his ridiculous comments about how sunspots cause climate change and his failed attempt to, basically, sue the Affordable Care Act.

It’s one thing to say stupid things in public, or file frivolous lawsuits. It’s quite another to stick your nose into the middle of a delicate negotiation involving a volatile and potentially dangerous situation. So I think it’s time to teach Our Dumb Senator a lesson.

Sign the petition and then share it via Facebook, email, etc. You and I are expected to abide by the laws of the land. Shouldn’t Ron Johnson be held to the same standard?

Dumb, Dumber and Dumberest

Move over Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels: there’s a new kid in town.

In an op-ed published over the weekend in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson ( R-Knucklehead) remarks that his ridiculous Obamacare lawsuit was dismissed on the legal technicality, (the legal technicality, he says),  of  ” standing “.  Johnson seems to think if he invokes the phrase legal technicality this will somehow reduce the legal concept of standing to something frivolous as opposed to, say,  his very genuinely frivolous lawsuit.

But who, the conservative reader may be asking him or herself, considers Johnson’s lawsuit frivolous beyond the Obama faithful?

Well, the National Review’s Andrew C. McCarthy for one, who published a piece in the National Review last January aptly and unequivocally titled: Ron Johnson’s Frivolous Obamacare Lawsuit. Here’s McCarthy on the doctrine of  ” standing ” :

The political-question doctrine — like the related prohibition against issuing advisory opinions — relieves courts of the burden of intervening in legislative debates. When our system functions properly, public-policy questions are decided in the political process by elected officials who answer to the voters; the judicial power is reserved for real cases and controversies involving truly aggrieved people.

That limitation on court intervention is called the “standing” doctrine. It holds that there is no justiciable case unless the claimant has suffered a concrete injury resulting in quantifiable damages as the result of some alleged violation of the law.

You’ll notice McCarthy makes no mention of “standing” as a legal technicality. Johnson’s case was dismissed because a federal judge ruled Johnson did not prove he’d been harmed. It’s just that simple.

But clearly sound legal reasoning and just plain common sense find no purchase within the scrambled cranial mass of intellectually flaccid mush that inhabits the space wherein Ron Johnson’s brain ought to lie, and so he intends to file an appeal. Onward, Senator Dumberest, and travel well!

Maybe you can hitch a ride with these guys.


Federal judge throws out Ron Johnson’s Obamacare lawsuit

Not surprising news via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Madison — A federal judge in Green Bay on Monday threw out a lawsuit brought by U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and one of his aides attempting to force members of Congress and their staffs to stop getting subsidies for their health insurance under Obamacare.

Johnson, an Oshkosh Republican, argued that members of Congress and their staffs were required to get insurance on their own under Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act. But U.S. District Judge William Griesbach ruled Monday that Johnson and his aide, Brooke Ericson, didn’t have legal standing to bring their case.

The two sued in federal court challenging a policy of President Barack Obama’s administration that allows members of Congress and their staffs to receive health coverage as they have for decades or to buy it through a federal insurance marketplace available to small businesses in the Washington, D.C., area.

So What Was Senator Ron Johnson Thinking?

One of my favorite items in the Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is the Congress Following the Vote feature. There is always a short description of major bills voted on in Congress the previous week with a breakdown on how the Wisconsin contingent voted…PART TWO!

This past week the US Senate passed a bi-partisan bill 79 to 20. According to today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Bill S 2262 is a bi-partisan bill to promote US energy efficiency in residential, commercial and industrial sectors and throughout the federal government, the nation’s largest energy consumer. A YES vote counts on VOLUNTARY compliance, not federal mandates to reach its goals.

Did I mention this bill is bi-partisan and was passed 79 to 20 and is VOLUNTARY?

AND one of the 20 votes on the losing side was Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson. Once more our ‘senior’ senator proves that he doesn’t have a clue!