Sheriff Clarke Goes Extra Legal Again

Speaking of county government, how about that Sheriff Clarke.

Having been thwarted in his repeated efforts to privatize health care at the county jail, Sheriff Clarke decided to rely on a court decision on his rights to control prisoner transportation to extend to prisoner health care as well. The county board has continually denied his [...]

Chris Abele Is Campaigning On His Budget?

County Executive Chris Abele’s take on how to do his job continues to be fascinating. His open battles with Sheriff Clarke. His arms length attitude toward the county board. His czarina firing of Sue Black. His lack of communication with the other powers that be in the County Court House while formulating the county budget.


Recall Memo: June 5: Walker Tenure as County Exec Troubles Sheriff Clarke

On May 20, 2012 the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran an article discussing Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s desire to outsource maintenance work at the Milwaukee County Jail. The Sheriff contends that it takes too long for county personnel to respond to requests for any type of maintenance including things as simple as changing light bulbs.


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