Progress On Drug Prices: But We Are Doing It Bass Ackwards

The Trump regime is moving forward with regulations to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for Americans. But instead of taking the bull by the horns, they are willing to play games with importing drugs from other countries. I mean, just negotiate drug prices for crying out loud. Or limit drug costs and drug company profits. That’s the easiest and most direct means to get the job done. But no…instead we need to find the most arcane method possible and muck with the health care economies of our allies. America First?

The Trump administration, eager to show progress on prescription drug costs, on Wednesday moved forward with its plan to allow Americans to safely and legally get access to lower-priced medicines from abroad.

In Washington, U.S. health officials unveiled a proposed regulation that would allow states to import many brand name drugs from Canada, with federal oversight. A second draft plan would let pharmaceutical companies seek approval to import their own drugs, from any country.

It’s unclear if either pathway will be available to patients ahead of the 2020 election, although the Trump administration has advanced beyond its predecessors in trying to set up a supervised system for importing drugs. Medicines cost less in other advanced countries because the governments take an active role in setting prices.

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Ok, I highlighted two sentences from the article. Let’s start with the second one. If it is apparent to EVERYONE that drug prices are less in other nations because there is active government regulation on drug prices…why wouldn’t we decide to follow their example instead of importing their drugs? Really? And then of course we have to add on shipping costs and what have we gained that we couldn’t accomplish by just taking care of business here at home? Really!

What a wishy washy attempt to save face.

Now that first line…allow drug companies to import their own medications from countries where it’s cheaper? This is so totally insane that it is beyond belief that anyone has written this article and printed it without laughing out loud. Go back a paragraph: drug prices are cheaper elsewhere because of government intervention. Do you really think a drug company in the US will import it’s own price controlled product from another country to resell it on the US? Chances are the drugs are already manufactured in low cost countries and imported here and sold at high prices because there is nothing to prevent it. Insanity.

Or worse, if drugs are being subsidized in other nations as part of their cost containment strategy, then we are essentially stealing THEIR health care dollars. In a similar vein:

Canada’s health ministry said in a statement Wednesday its first priority is to protect the supply of medicines for Canadians. “We share the goal of ensuring people can get and afford the medication they need,” said spokesman Thierry Belair. “But these (Trump administration) measures will not have any significant impact on prices or access for Americans. We remain firmly focused on ensuring Canadians can access the medication they need.”

I don’t know if importing en masse from Canada will lower prices here or not…but I have no doubt it could harm the supply chain in any nation where we use as a new import source.

But meanwhile, across the Capitol:

Pelosi spokesman Henry Connelly scoffed at the Trump administration’s import plan, noting it has no implementation deadline.

“If President Trump actually wants to lower drug prices, he should pick up the phone and tell (Senate Majority Leader Mitch) McConnell to send him the House-passed ‘Lower Drug Costs Now Act,’ which provides the negotiations he promised the American people,” Connelly said in a statement.

Or in case of President Trump…just tweet it to Sen. McConnell! I am sure that he will see it.

btw: the President’s proposals don’t include insulin which has been one of the drugs with some of the highest price increases lately which has become a growing concern.

Insulin, biologic drugs, narcotics and certain other medications would be excluded, at least initially.

And the House bill?

One of the most significant bills…lately could be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s package to limit the cost of prescription drugs. Though it cleared the House with just two Republican backers last week, the bill has generated excitement and maybe even hope in the Capitol that lawmakers can deliver on soaring insulin and out of pocket costs before the 2020 election.

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Let’s handle our own issues at home!

Will Trump Be Around to Deliver State of the Union?

Invite went out from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. It’s unlikely, but maybe they will remove him before February 4th? Well probably not. But considering the six page rant of lies and fairy tales and discredited talking points sent to Rep. Pelosi by someone in the White House (we know the president doesn’t have the skills to have written it), this is devilishly civil:

Be Careful What You Wish For: GOP Edition Part 2

Remember when the president and GOP electeds were complaining about the closed sessions during the early stages of the impeachment inquiry? And how it quieted down when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi started having open sessions…televised even!

And then the GOP pivoted and said they president wasn’t allowed to defend himself? And they started a number of diversionary tactics?

Yeah, we’ve all read about them or talked about them.

And then Speaker Pelosi says sure…the president can appear before the House and tell his story (I would put emphasis on ‘story’ here). And several media outlets have said the president is considering doing so…maybe live…maybe written (that apparently is being looked into i.e. his replies for the Mueller report).

So a note to the GOP…be careful what you wish for…you just might get it.

Anybody have the Vegas line on the chances of President Trump actually testifying?

Lindsey Graham, just sit down and shut up!

In another distracting ploy to pressure the House Democrats to change their process around the impeachment inquiry, Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a resolution in the Senate to pressure the House to vote on authorizing the inquiry. Well as we saw earlier this evening, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has scheduled that vote for this coming Thursday.

… 50 Senate Republicans co-sponsored a resolution calling for an official House vote authorizing the inquiry, even though one is not technically required by the U.S. Constitution.

Graham, the author of the Senate resolution condemning the House process…

But let’s go back to Sen. Graham’s resolution. He introduced it in the Senate. Impeachment inquiries are the sole province of the House…and that’s per the US Constitution…and it is governed by House rules since the Constitution doesn’t spell out the process.

So the Senate has no standing here…zero…zip…nada…none. So Senator Graham needs to just sit down and shut up on this one!