Baldwin to Walker: where are the healthcare coverage numbers?

On Thursday Democratic U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin sent a letter to Republican Gov. Scott Walker in which she asked Gov. Walker for an update on his efforts to transition the nearly 63,000 Wisconsinites who will lose their BadgerCare coverage thanks to decisions made by Gov. Walker. Specifically, Sen. Baldwin requested an immediate report on how [...]

Some reaction to the SCOTUS decision in McCutcheon

My thoughts on the United States Supreme Court’s decision in McCutcheon v. FEC can be summed up thusly:

Paul Campos of Salon has an excellent writeup of just how awful the Supreme Court’s decision in McCutcheon really is. Here’s a highlight. And now, Wednesday, the next blow to attempting to keep the rich from [...]

What Is He Running For: Ron Kind

Earlier this week, Zach posted that Representative Ron Kind from Wisconsin’s Third Congressional District had ruled out running for governor against Governor Walker in 2014.

After this past weekend’s Democratic Party of Wisconsin state convention, I would never have expected that Rep. Kind was interested in governor. But he certainly is running for a [...]

VIDEO: Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s first speech on the floor of the Senate

Last week Wednesday, Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin made her first speech on the floor of the United States Senate, and she took the opportunity to talk about fighting for everyday, middle class Wisconsinites, instead of well-connected interest groups.

Here’s some video.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin endorses Mike Tate for DPW Chair

This certainly can’t hurt Mike Tate’s chances of being reelected as Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Tammy Baldwin to serve on Senate Budget Committee

Attention Senator Ron Johnson: Senator-elect Tammy Baldwin will be on the Senate Budget Committee. If you need advice regarding anything budget-related, I suggest you contact her. She can do arithmetic.

Dear Senator Johnson, Tammy Baldwin is not an idiot

Dear Senator Ron Johnson,

Tammy Baldwin is not an idiot and neither is the electorate. But when you say things like this about Senator-elect Baldwin:

“Hopefully I can sit down and lay out for her my best understanding of the federal budget because they’re simply the facts…Hopefully she’ll agree with what the facts are and [...]

My thoughts on the 2012 election results

Yesterday Jay wrote an excellent piece sharing his thoughts on the results of the 2012 election, and if you haven’t read it yet, you absolutely should. While Jay sums up much of what I’m feeling right now, I wanted to share some of my own thoughts as well.

While I’m certainly disappointed Republicans maintained control [...]

Tommy Thompson “jokes” about his campaign car hitting a deer named Tammy Baldwin

Stay classy, Tommy Thompson! Thompson joked while talking to workers at the La Crosse steel fabricator that he got a deer even before the season opener. Actually it was one of his campaign cars; he said he was riding in the bus behind it when the crash happened early Sunday near Shawano.

“Nobody was hurt,” [...]

When is That Boy From Elroy Not From Elroy?

During the campaign, our boy from Elroy, Mr. Tommy Thompson, has made hay (pun intended) that he is still a small town farmer…that is supposed to be in contrast to the left’s accusation that he is now a big moneyed lobbyist and Washington insider. Well the pushups, the tractors, the Harleys, the aw shucks are, [...]

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14”

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