2016 GOP Election Strategy: Why Appeal When We Can Steal?

In the wake of our President’s re-election, one would think the GOP would engage in deep reflection as to the reason (s) they lost this previous campaign, making every attempt to implement policy changes reflective of the current electoral map. But, oh no! Far from it! Lest you have forgotten: The first thing the GOP […]

War on Women

Is it real? You judge for yourself when you have politicians like this:

At least Kathleen Falk is addressing this important issue:

Pennsylvania AG issues subpoenas to out bloggers

I guess Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett has a thin skin: The state attorney general’s office has issued a subpoena threatening officials of the social networking service Twitter with arrest unless they reveal the names of two bloggers who have been critical of Attorney General Tom Corbett and his public corruption investigation.

The subpoena orders […]

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