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Tom Tiffany wins ” Lie of the Week “

Hurley blogger and former Iron County district attorney Tony Stella has awarded tantrumesque Tom Tiffany his ” Lie of the Week ” designation for poor Tommy’s whiny insistence that the Environmental Protection Agency killed GTac’s always questionable and unlikely open pit iron mine in the Penokee Hills. Missing from Tiffany’s weepy lamentations is the fact […]

Did State Sen. Tom Tiffany discuss pending legislation with anyone on the WI Supreme Court?

During a session of the State Senate on January 20, 2015, Democratic State Sen. Jon Erpenbach and Republican State Sen. Tom Tiffany had an exchange (Which can be seen on WisEye.org) in which Sen.Tiffany avoids answering a direct question as to whether or not he had discussed with any member of the Supreme Court of […]

Gogebic Taconite president Bill Williams will stand trial in Spain

It was reported late last year that Gogebic Taconite president Bill Williams had lost his last appeal to have charges of environmental destruction dismissed, though it was unclear then that Spanish officials would follow through with an indictment. It’s clear now.

Former Iron County district attorney Tony Stella has the details.

While I realize […]

Not a good week for Walker, Tiffany and GTAC.

Just when you thought the week couldn’t get any worse for Scott Walker, Tom Tiffany and Gogebic Taconite, it just got a whole lot worse.

First it was the story on Monday about the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, headed by former DNR secretary and Tommy Thompson appointee George Meyer, calling for a repeal of Act1, the […]

Ashland County board supervisors broaden call for repeal of Act 1.

A pair of northern Wisconsin elected officials, Ashland County board chairman Pete Russo and board supervisor Charles Ortman, took their case for a repeal of Act 1 to the airwaves on WOJB community radio on New Year’s Day. Russo and Ortman first called for a repeal of the new ferrous mining law, (passed by the […]

Tom Tiffany’s lump of coal Christmas

GOP State Senator Tom Tiffany, alleged author and prime mover of Wisconsin’s new ferrous mining law, had a pretty bad Christmas.

First it was the news that Gogebic Taconite president Bill Williams may be facing trial in Spain on charges of criminal damage to the environment. It seems that the same technology Williams claimed would […]

Tommy GTAC bites the dust

GTAC waterboy and GOP state senator Tom Tiffany, ( R-Mine Guy) is having a bad evening. It seems even members of his own party can’t get behind his bill to close managed forest land to the public. Lisa Mux has the story over at Waukesha Wonk.

What a pisser, Tommy. There goes the lobbyist job, […]

The Stella Report

If there’s anyone out there writing more consistently or in greater detail than Tony Stella about the shenanigans going on between Gogebic Taconite, Iron County and the state GOP, I’d love to hear who it is. Check out his latest offering about who wrote the mining bill.


Iron County board refers LCO Harvest Camp matter back to forestry committee

The Iron County board decided last night to table a vote on recommendations from their forestry committee to evict LCO tribal members and their allies from the Harvest and Education Camp located at the edge of Gogebic Taconite’s proposed mine site. The board referred the issue back to the Forestry Committee, which voted unanimously at […]

Best laugh of the week

GOP State Sen. Tom Tiffany must have gotten up one morning and promptly had himself a half pound of dumbass for breakfast.

How else to explain his recent remarks regarding the Lac Courte Oreilles Harvest & Education Camp located next to Gogebic Taconite’s proposed iron mine site in the Penokee Hills? From the WisconsinWatch.org report: