Is Evers Making A Hillary Mistake?

Remember when the post election autopsy of the 2016 Presidential Campaign faulted Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton for not campaigning in Wisconsin? Are we making a similar mistake in the 2018 Gubernatorial Campaign?

Let’s not be that race?

The biggest GOP advantage is, oddly enough, in the very Democratic TV market of Madison, an 11-county area anchored by ultra-blue Dane County. That is largely because Democrats have declined to devote TV resources to a region they expect to dominate in November.

Walker has aired more than $500,000 in TV ads in the Madison market since mid-August, an effort to hold down his losses there. Evers has aired less than $15,000. In fact, while it is one of the state’s three biggest TV markets, Madison has been the target of only 4 percent of the broadcast spending in the race because it is also the most one-sided TV market in the state in its political make-up.

Don’t take anything…not anything…for granted this time!

Governor Walker Decries Outside Money in Wisconsin Gubernatorial Race!

While taking a desperate swipe at his opponent for governor, Wisconsin’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers, GOP incumbent Governor Scott Walker decried the amount of outside money being spent to support Mr. Evers.

GOP Gov. Scott Walker accused his opponent Wednesday of being “bought and paid for by the unions” and decried spending by outside groups, even though Walker has gotten more than $40 million in help from such groups over the years.

So the $40 Million Man thinks the pittance that the teachers’ unions still have available to spend on elections is a bought and sold situation for Mr. Evers. What an incredible hypocrite in the governor’s office…but we all knew that already.

Two simple solutions Gov. Walker:

Demand that third parties stop spending money in support of your campaign…essentially put your mouth where the money is.

Your first item of business in Madison this fall…get rid of third party and dark money from Wisconsin campaigns. I dare you!!

And why is the governor mentioning this now?

Tuesday’s poll showed Evers leading Walker 49 points to 44 points.

Editor’s update 9/20/18: Bruce Murphy’s take on this subject: The Best Governor Money Can Buy

Vote Tomorrow Dang It and This One Endorsement

The spring elections are tomorrow with a smattering of municipal, school board and judicial races across the county. The turnout is usually pretty sparse for these, so exercise your vote and get to the polls tomorrow. Most polls open at 7 AM and remain open until 8 PM.

I am only going to make one endorsement tonight in the only statewide race: Tony Evers for Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Instruction…vote to defend our public schools!

The Bickersons In the Race for Superintendent at the Department of Public Instruction

Yesterday I endorsed incumbent Tony Evers for the Superintendent of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. He is a true friend of public schools and will be an effective counter balance to President Trump’s Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos.

But two of his opponents, despite actually being educators, continue to prove themselves unqualified to run DPI, and they are proving themselves to be unqualified for public service of any kind (heaven forbid they even continue in education going forward).

Back in December 2016, candidates John Humphries and Lowell Holtz, concocted a scheme where one candidate would exit the race in exchange for a six figure job in the DPI and a fair amount of authority. Of course that didn’t pan out and I can’t imagine why not…but now their stories are simply divergent, the timelines and explanations are at odds, and they have both devolved to accusing the other to be a liar!

Two state superintendent candidates publicly called each other liars on Friday — days before the two are set to face each other in a three-way primary with incumbent Tony Evers.

At the news conference, candidate John Humphries called opponent Lowell Holtz “a liar” who is falsely blaming unnamed business leaders for Holtz’s proposal for one of them to get out of the race in exchange for a six-figure, taxpayer-funded job should the other win.

Holtz fired back, calling the Friday event a “three-ring circus” orchestrated by Humphries.

Humphries on Friday provided reporters with emails and a timeline that he said shows Holtz is lying about who came up with a December proposal under which one of the two men would exit the race in exchange for a job with the Department of Public Instruction that would pay $150,000 per year and come with full benefits and a driver should the other win.

The job offer also would have put one of them in charge of potentially five of the state’s largest school districts and give him powers that do not currently exist in state law to take over districts and school boards.

“It’s unfortunate to see Dr. Holtz continue to misrepresent who he is and how he operates,” Humphries said. “If Holtz has any documentation to substantiate his claim that his proposal was, in fact, provided to him by business leaders, he should provide that. Otherwise, the preponderance of the evidence would clearly suggest that, once again, Holtz is lying.”

But Holtz shot back after the press conference, saying Humphries “is focused more on the politics of personal destruction” than on improving education.

Neither one of these guys should be allowed anywhere near a classroom much less put in charge of Wisconsin education and our hard earned tax dollars…I haven’t seen such nonsense since the Republican presidential debates!

So vote tomorrow for Tony Evers for Superintendent of DPI!