Trump Conflating Campaign and Official Twitter Accounts?

Any number of times I have found issue with elected officials confusing their twitter use…and combining personal accounts to do official business and campaigning. President Donald Trump of course it the biggest offender because he knows no boundaries…and here’s the latest example:

So once more I am calling for laws at the state and federal levels to define the use of social media by elected officials…to prevent mixing official use of twitter with campaigns and personal communications.

Trump Challenges First Amendment and Twitter Use…again!

President Donald Trump is appealing an appellate court ruling that he can’t block users from his @realDonalTrump Twitter account…saying the application of the First Amendment in the case was “fundamentally misconceived.” Whoa…must have been his lawyers on that one…too many multi-syllabic words there!

President Donald Trump is challenging a federal appeals court decision that ruled he violated the U.S. Constitution by blocking people whose views he disliked from his Twitter account.

In court papers filed late on Friday by the U.S. Justice Department, Trump sought a rehearing by the full 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York, calling the 3-0 decision “fundamentally misconceived.”

In the appellate court ruling, Circuit Judge Barrington Parker wrote, “the First Amendment does not permit a public official who utilizes a social media account for all manner of official purposes to exclude persons from an otherwise-open online dialogue because they expressed views with which the official disagrees.”

The Justice Department court filing Friday warned that if the appeals court ruling was upheld, “public officials who address matters relating to their public office on personal accounts will run the risk that every action taken on that account will be state action subject to constitutional scrutiny.”

Parker, however, had said Trump’s account bears “all the trappings of an official, state-run account” and is “one of the White House’s main vehicles for conducting official business.”

There is no reason that this court ruling shouldn’t be upheld from further challenges. But again…I suggest that Congress take up a bill to define and refine the uses of official business on social media accounts.

First Two Years of Trump Presidency Were Stollen

If you were on Twitter or anywhere else in social media over the weekend, you know that President Trump was upset that the first two years of his presidency were stollen (sic). I don’t know who he thinks is responsible.

But maybe I can help clear this up for the president…during the first two year’s of your presidency, you enjoyed solid majorities in both chambers of Congress…so if anything was stolen it was the result of…your inability to lead, your inability to manage, the staff revolving door in the West Wing, the ineptitude of former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the recalcitrance of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and your complete lack of understanding of the Constitution, foreign policy, history, and economics…to say nothing of letting Robert Mueller get in your head (shouldn’t have since you ‘did nothing wrong’) and your complete refusal to let go of Hillary Clinton. The whole blame for your stolen years rests with the idiot sitting at the Resolute desk.

Announcing Foreign Policy Via Twitter?

Not sure if my suggestion to regulate political speech on social media? Should there be guidelines? Identifiable IDs for elected officials that are separate from their personal accounts?

How in the hell can we allow major foreign policy changes or announcements to just pop up on Twitter?

This isn’t the same as the president live tweeting the Oscars or something…or touting his March Madness bracket…btw how’s he doing on that?

Go figure: Competing headlines in Trump’s America

Trump Promises to ‘Look Into’ Twitter Shadow Banning: ‘Discriminatory and Illegal’. (from someone who used to ban people from his twitter account until the courts said it was a violation of the First Amendment)


CNN Says White House Banned One of Its Reporters for Asking ‘Inappropriate’ Questions. (which seems to be a whole ‘nother violation of the First Amendment)