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Imagine Aquaponics to bring educational aquaponics system to Hawley Environmental School

Those of you who have been long-time readers of Blogging Blue may recall the questions I’ve raised about Sweet Water “Organics,” the now-defunct company that was producing “organic” produce grown using aquaponics.

Despite my criticisms of Sweet Water “Organics,” I still believe in the viability of the use of aquaponics as a means of growing […]

The saga of Sweet Water “Organics” continues (VIDEO)

Over the course of the past year or so, I’ve written quite a bit about Sweet Water “Organics”, the urban aquaponics operation that was neither organic (as its name indicated) or successful, as Sweet Water “Organics” closed its doors after failing to meet job creation numbers mandated in the terms of a $250,000 loan given […]

Building housing Sweet Water “Organics” up for lease

As reported by Katherine Keller of the Bay View Compass, the building that currently houses troubled aquaponics operation Sweet Water “Organics” is up for lease. Commercial Realty Advisors, LLC has listed the space occupied by Sweet Water Organics, 2151 S. Robinson Avenue for lease.  Described as ideal for light distribution, industrial service, or manufacturing the […]

Sweet Water “Organics” fails to create jobs, must repay loan from City of Milwaukee (EDITED)

Ed. Note: Edited to reflect the fact that the folks at SWO want the job creation conditions contained in their original loan with the City of Milwaukee removed before the loan is transferred to the non-profit Sweet Water Foundation.

Why am I not shocked by this? Sweet Water Organics fell far short of its job […]

And now for something non-political but very cool!

This is very cool. Now you can create your own little “mini garden” using a two liter bottle and some wicking fabric.

Sweet Water Organics – not really organic

Back in March and April, I wrote two entries about Sweet Water Organics (SWO) questioning how many jobs SWO has really created since receiving a $250,000 forgivable loan from the City of Milwaukee and questioning whether Sweet Water Organics was really organic according to USDA standards.

At the time I questioned whether SWO was certified […]

JSOnline picks up Sweet Water Organics story

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve asked some questions about the health and practices of Sweet Water Organics (SWO) and the folks involved in that company.

Tom Daykin of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting on Sweet Water Organics as well, and there’s one passage from Daykin’s report I find to be particularly telling. […]

Two more questions about Sweet Water Organics

Last week I asked some questions about the finances and “job creation” efforts of Milwaukee’s Sweet Water Organics (SWO). As a followup to that original entry, I wanted to delve into two issues that I felt weren’t germane to the point of my original entry.

So what’s buried outside?

As reported by Michael Timm of […]

Sunday open thread

It’s Sunday, so it’s time to take your turn running the blog.

I’ll be busy harvesting tomatoes today, before they get any bigger than they already are:

Urban gardening taking root in post-Katrina NOLA

This is just a great story… When the levee along the Industrial Canal failed back in 2005 and the wall of water drowned much of New Orleans’ Lower Nine, the area north of Claiborne Avenue – the poorest section of the neighborhood – was hardest hit. Not surprisingly, the stretch has been slowest to recover. […]