Randy Hopper – Victim

It seems every time republicans get in trouble or run afoul from the law, they have a very good talent of then becoming the victim. The party of “personal responsibility” never is! Witness the latest example: Randy Hopper!

H/T Dan Bice:

Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining bill has been blamed for a lot of stuff, but here’s a new one.

In tearful testimony, former state Sen. Randy Hopper explained at his OWI trial on Thursday that he thought county workers were out to get him when he was pulled over and arrested for drunken driving, according to a story and video by the Fond du Lac Reporter.

Hopper, 46, is charged with drunken driving, operating left of the center line and refusing to take a test for intoxication after arrest. He was pulled over on Oct. 16 while he and his girlfriend, Valerie Cass, were driving back from a Green Bay Packers game.

He did nothing wrong, he only had a couple beers but everyone in the state was out to get him.

On the stand, the former Fond du Lac Republican said he believed he passed his field sobriety tests but began questioning the motives of the officer, Deputy Nicholas Venne, after he was arrested, the Fond du Lac Reporter.

“I don’t have a lot of faith and trust in Officer Venne at this point because it seemed to me that he was out to get me,” Hopper testified. “There are a lot of people who work in the county that have never met me personally that have sent me some of the most vile messages you have ever seen, sir.”

The Reporter also said:

He then explained that he did not take a preliminary breath test at the Fond du Lac County Jail because county employees have threatened him repeatedly.

“The day everything broke lose in Madison, I had members of the union in my office who said, ‘If you don’t support us, we are going to destroy your life,’” Hopper said. “We’re going to picket your kids’ schools, we’re going to tear apart your reputation, we’re going to have you recalled.”

The only problem with his testimony? It wasn’t true:

Sheriff Mick Fink said any conspiracy theory that members of his office were out to get Hopper is “bizarre.”

“I don’t know where that (Hopper’s allegation) is coming from,” Fink said.

Fink said his office even supplied protection for Hopper when the former senator was concerned about his safety following the public’s backlash on budget repair bill and collective bargaining issue.


I will admit though many people did say some vile things and make many threats this past year!

Mistresses behaving badly: Valerie Cass edition

Apparently Valerie Cass was none too happy when her still-married boyfriend Randy Hopper was arrested for driving drunk….

The complainants who filed the report against Hopper told Venne that Cass approached their vehicle after Hopper was taken away and yelled at them. Cass had to be physically restrained by a woman who came to pick her up. Cass also attempted to take a photo of the family, according to Venne’s supplement to his report.

It’s worth noting that according to a written statement provided by the daughter of the complainants, Randy Hopper almost got into a head-on crash with a blue Mazda near Bud’s Landscaping on Highway 151 in the town of Taycheedah.

Instead of being angry at the family who helped get a dangerous drunk driver off the streets, perhaps Valerie Cass should focus her anger on Randy Hopper for choosing to drive drunk, endangering not only himself and Cass, but other drivers sharing the roads with Randy Hopper as he drove drunk.

Randy “hic” Hopper

Recalled republican Senator and friend of this blog, Randy Hopper was arrested last night on a charge of OWI.

Former State Sen. Randy Hopper of Fond du Lac was arrested Sunday night on a charge of drunken driving, according to a Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Department report.

Officers were called to Highway 151 near County Trunk WH about 5:30 p.m. Sunday for a report of a black Suburban “all over the road,” according to dispatch logs.

Officers stopped the vehicle and Hopper, 45, the driver, was arrested. He was held in the Fond du Lac County Jail for 12 hours and released early today, said Sgt. Renee Schuster.

According to dispatch logs, passengers in the car included Valerie Cass, 25.

The Republican Hopper lost his seat in the Wisconsin Senate this summer when he was defeated in a recall election by Democrat Jessica King of Oshkosh.

Republican lobbyist and 20 something girlfriend was also in the car with him. It is nice to know they still \"Google each other\"! How sweet!

Recall Election Thoughts

While the results from last nights election were not what we were hoping, they were also not clear cut. There was good news and bad news. Here are my thoughts about the GOOD NEWS of what we can take from last nights results!

* Jess King is now a Wisconsin State Senator and Randy Hopper is not! This alone makes the night worthwhile. I have said on here that Jess King was the best candidate on both sides running in these elections and truly believe that. This leaves us some questions 1. Does Randy Hopper need help moving? 2. How does this affect Valerie Cass future employment? 3. Will Valerie Cass still want him? Did she like him because he looks like Buzz lightyear or because he was in power?

* Jen Schilling won ending The reign of Dan Kapanke. Kapanke while a terrible candidate, it takes a special man to steal from charities to finance your campaign, had enough support to actually think he could unseat Ron Kind last year. Good For Jen Schilling and even better for Wisconsin.

* A grassroots movement was started and will not end. We have new people involved and paying attention now in Govenrment and politics than probably ever in our lifetime. I know many people who were out knocking on doors and hitting the phones who did not even know who their Senator or Assembly person was 10 months ago. We also have strong mailing lists, contact lists, experienced organizers than we have ever had before. This is how we will win in the long run. We will need this because they have unlimited funds.

* The Democrats have legitimate candidates and talent ready to run and serve and the Republicans do not. While the Republicans are running people like David Vanderleest, and Kim Simac, the Democrats are running people like Jess King, Fred Clark, Shelley Moore, etc… Then you can look at the “bench” of potential candidates and spokespeople where the Democrats have rising superstars like Tony Schultz and Mahlon Mitchell and the republicans have Brian Schimming.

* We did legitimately get 6 recalls in 6 republican districts(Walker won these districts by an average of 13 points). Heck we ALMOST recalled Glenn Grothman(R-land that time forgot). These were not small feats!

* We saw just how dirty, unethical and highly partisan the new redistricting is. Scott Walker who likes to tout his “successes” so that he can keep getting Billionaire Brother phone calls, was in complete seclusion yesterday when he signed the redistricting bill. Could it be he knew how bad the new maps were and did not want to fuel the recall fire? Or has he just become humble of late?

* Now Dale Schultz has power he never had before and can act like the centrist politician he used to be not the one who was intimidated by the Fitzwalkerstan clan.

* Wisconsin is still a deeply divided and evenly split state. The more the republicans run it like they have a 100-0 edge the more the centrists will wake up and tell them that is unacceptable. Much of the outside spending will be somewhat tempered in 2012, as the Koch’s, Bradley Foundation, etc… will be busy buying all 50 states and will not be able to focus solely on WI.

* Finally it is still early. Much of Governor Walker’s plans have not went into affect yet. School has yet to start, parents have yet to be asked to pay increased school fees, PTOs have yet to be asked to raise even more money to cover essentials, children are not yet sitting in larger classes, municipalities have not yet cut services or added increased fees. Many Families do not even know that their favorite teacher retired early due to the budget. Wait until their friends/family with special needs children are struggling even more than before, or their neighbor who is a custodian at the local high school loses their house. Wait until local businesses realize the effects on their business of taking millions of dollars of discretionary income out of the pockets of state workers. Wait until people realize that Scott Walker and the republicans did NOT balance the budget and are raising fees, and taxes.

We also need to make sure and document all of these instances so if you know of any send it to us tips@bloggingblue.com. We will follow up and document.

* ALEC has been exposed and will continue to be exposed for how they have been doing the thinking for the Republican Wisconsin Senators. www.alecexposed.com

* Kathy Nickolaus was in the news again. SHe makes a good face for the republican party.

* The Democrats have two more seats today then they had yesterday. That is a win.

* While I disagree with FMSN that the Democratic candidates never talked collective bargaining, I think they did not pound the point enough! As we saw by the 6 weeks of protests in the Capitol, Collective bargaining was an issue that resonated with the people.

* It will be spun that this means Scott Walker is popular, nothing could be further from the truth. Scott Walker was in witness protection program the last few weeks of the recall elections. There is a reason all of the republican candidates pretended they did not know him.

* The work is not over, it is only beginning. It is time to start holding the republicans feet to the fire and demand that they start seriosuly creating jobs and fixing the economy. They have spent the first 8 months doing things to make sure they have perpetual control of the state without working for it. Let us make them work for it. Keep talking, keep reading, keep calling, keep writing, keep knocking on doors. We took a step forward last night, looking forward to our next victory.

“One year ago, we knocked on the door. This year, we beat on the door. Next year, we’re gonna kick the son-of-a-bitch in.” Bum Phillips

Randy Hopper News….

While you have been able to get the latest news on Randy Hopper right here at this humble little blog, there are a couple of recommended reads elsewhere.

1. Courtesy of the Oshkosh Northwestern, saying that Randy Hopper’s campaign ad is so blatantly false that it amazes them.

Yet even if voters expect hyperbole and leaps of logic when a distorted image appears on a TV screen, they don’t expect to see the complete disregard for the basic facts found in an ad paid for by State Sen. Randy Hopper, R-Empire.

The last segment of the ad accuses Jessica King, his Democratic recall opponent in the 18th Senate district, of supporting a pay raise while she served on the Common Council. Not only is that false, she in fact, voted against the ordinance raising the pay for council members and the mayor in 2008, the ad uses distorted math to arrive at a purported percentage of 63 percent that she increased her own pay.

Hooper’s whopper strains his credibility on three counts: Saying King supported a pay raise she voted “no” on, using fuzzy math for a gotcha percentage and taking a logical nose dive that a her vote in favor of the city budget is an indication of support for a pay raise.

2. Secondly, is a Must read by Cory Liebmann @ Eye on WIsconsin Blog: Cory perfectly documents how Randy “bed ” Hopper spent his time(on the taxpayers dime), helping coach(with actual emails) his young 20 something mistress on how to land a sweet state job in the Walker Administration.

Based on a November 30th email Hopper and Cass wasted no time in trying to score a state job for her. In that email Hopper forwards a press release to her that announces Keith Gilkes as Walker’s chief of staff. In that forwarded email he also advises her that she “might want to congratulate him if you call or email this afternoon.”

At 1:25pm on December 28th Cass sends Hopper an apparent draft of an email to Keith Gilkes. In the draft email Cass mentions that she enjoyed talking to Gilkes a few weeks ago and that she is excited about the changes at the Department of Commerce. At 1:57 pm Hopper responds to her draft email and suggests that she add that she is excited to be a part of it. At 2:27 on the same day Cass sends the actual email to Keith Gilkes. The final version to him includes a version of the Hopper suggested comment.

I highly recommend readind the whole story with Cory’s links. Do not forget to check out his “I google You” related link at the bottom!

Editors Note: (After thinking about it some, I wanted to add a little more for context) Lets be clear here. Randy Hopper wanted a professor fired for saying during class time you can sign recall papers if you want to. Then has no problem whatsoever helping his lobbyist mistress get a job that she is not qualified for with a huge pay raise on state time. Hopper gives Simac and Vanderleest a run for their money!