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Voter Suppression in Wisconsin

It used to be that if you wanted to do voter registration in Wisconsin you could get trained by the Government Accountability Board as a Special Registration Deputy(SRD), be assigned an SRD number, and then travel anywhere in Wisconsin to register voters. Not anymore.

The Voter Photo ID law stripped the GAB of any authority […]

Milwaukee Voter Turn Out a Ridiculous 87 Per Cent!

Professional GOP apologist propagandist and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel conservative favorite son, Christian Schneider, tossed off the following bit of jetsam in his analysis of Tuesday’s Presidential Election:

The City of Milwaukee had a ridiculous 87% turnout rate on Tuesday…

The only thing ridiculous about the Milwaukee turnout rate is the fact it wasn’t matched […]

RwP: Panel Discussion Part 2 “Voter Suppression”

Part 2 of Rants Without Pants panel discussion where we debate “Voter Suppression”. I call this segment “The Stacy Harbaugh Show” because Stacy from the ACLU of WI kicks butt in this segment.

The panel consists of Stacy Harbaugh (Communications Director for the American Civil Liberties Union of WI), Dusty Weis (Former CBS Reporter […]

Understanding The Push For Voter ID Laws in America

It’s not hard to work out. Seriously…

White Americans have officially passed a major … milestone as they now represent less than half of all births in the United States.

You’ve got to strip them of their rights before they know what it is they’re missing. It’s easier that way.


The GOP Prepares for November!

They’re gonna be ready! Are you?

State Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Voter ID Cases

Both cases have been kicked back to the appellate court for review.

The state Supreme Court today refused to take up two lawsuits challenging the state’s voter ID law.

The court of appeals had asked the justices to directly take the cases that resulted in two Dane County judges issuing injunctions preventing enforcement of the […]

If you can’t stop ’em at the polls, just keep ’em from registering!

Florida is experiencing the effect of a draconian GOP-sponsored law that imposes severe penalties on organizations that fail to meet strict voter registration guidelines. The outcome is record low new voter registration.

The state’s new elections law — which requires groups that register voters to turn in completed forms within 48 hours or risk fines, […]

BREAKING: Injunction Issued Against Wisconsin Voter ID Law


A Dane County Judge on Tuesday granted a temporary injunction that bars the enforcement of the state photo ID law at polling places during the general election on April 3.

Circuit Judge David Flanagan said that the Milwaukee Branch of the NAACP and Voces de la Frontera had demonstrated that their lawsuit against […]

Voter ID at the DMV – here’s how Republicans want things to be in 2012

From YouTube user “madtowngirl2″ comes this footage of her son trying to get a voter ID at a DMV office in Madison. This is exactly the kind of difficulty and confusion Republicans want as folks head to their local DMV officers to get voter IDs in advance of the 2012 elections, because this kind of […]

VIDEO: Protesters gather to express their outrage over Republican voter suppression bill

Courtesy of the ever-excellent blue cheddar blog comes this footage of protesters at the Capitol today to protest the voter suppression legislation passed by Republicans in the legislature: