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Taxpayer-funded voucher school closes its doors mid-school year

Another day, another story of a taxpayer-funded voucher school closing its doors in the middle of a school year. A private Milwaukee high school run by a voucher-school operator that’s come under scrutiny this year has been barred from receiving more taxpayer money, state documents show.

And now Travis Technology High School on Milwaukee’s north […]

Milwaukee voucher school receives $4.6 million in taxpayer dollars while only 2% of its students read at grade level

Another day, another story of a voucher school’s financial practices and academic performance being called into question.

The operator of one of Milwaukee’s longest-running private voucher schools says her organization strives to give disadvantaged children the best shot they can get in life, even when they’ve been left behind by other schools.

But new documents […]

Non-Profit Voucher School Is Out Of Whack On Salary

Ignoring the rest of the story about being on super secret double probation, here is something totally out of whack at a local private voucher school – this school has just over 600 students – yet the lead administrator has a total compensation package of $218,000:

(Dorothy) Travis Moore (founder of Ceria M. Travis Academy), […]

DPI Has Voucher Supporters All A Roil

At the behest of the federal Department of Justice who are investigating possible discrimination against students with disabilities, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requested voluntary information from Wisconsin’s voucher schools. This has voucher proponents and GOP legislators…well…seeing red!

…the DPI’s request that was sent to schools last week — prompted by complaints submitted to […]

Get the Facts on Voucher School Expansion

Sorry that this is so late…I meant to post it yesterday but mislaid it:

Get the Best Research on Vouchers

Efforts to shift public dollars from public schools to private voucher schools has momentum in our state and will likely have significant ramifications for professional educators.

Please join UWM’s Urban Studies Programs for the 7th […]

Sen. Kathleen Vinehout: Is Wisconsin Ready for the Corporate Reformers of Education?

Is Wisconsin Ready for the Corporate Reformers of Education?

“I just don’t understand vouchers, choice, and charter schools,” the man told me. “Could you explain?”

Public education is undergoing a radical change. What was predominately a local school governed by a locally elected school board is poised to become a plethora of choices: private religious […]

Former MKE voucher school operator court-ordered to pay back $300,000 in taxpayer funds

Remember now….voucher schools are the answer to all that ails our state’s education system!

A Milwaukee County judge has ordered the operator of a defunct private voucher school to repay about $300,000 in taxpayer money, after the state sued him for falsifying documents and forging his college diploma to get into the Milwaukee Parental Choice […]

Three voucher schools get state money after losing accreditation

But clearly voucher schools are the answer to all that ails our state’s education system! Three private schools in Milwaukee continued to receive taxpayer money through the voucher program after losing their accreditation, under a loophole in state law that requires such schools to obtain that official approval but not maintain it.

Reports and records […]

Let’s Have a Moratorium On Voucher Schools

During a talk to the community of St. Anthony’s School on Milwaukee’s south side, Governor Walker said he was interested in expanding Wisconsin’s school voucher program beyond the Milwaukee and Racine areas. The governor of course was preaching to the choir since St. Anthony’s is the largest voucher school participant in the Milwaukee area with […]

Mandela Barnes Means Jobs and Education.

One of the more exciting side effects of the biased redistricting of Wisconsin’s various political units has been the appearance of new progressive voices on the scene. One of the most visible races in this new environment is the Wisconsin 11th Assembly District. The newly drawn lines for the 11th include a large swath of […]