Waukesha Dems to host holiday potluck; DPW Chair Mike Tate to attend

Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, will join the Waukesha County Democrats for the Annual Holiday Potluck on December 20th at the Waukesha Labor Temple. In between bites, I plan to grill Tate for info about next year’s State Convention. Word on the street is that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will host its 2013 State Convention right here in Waukesha County. Yes, Waukesha County.

Details on the Annual Holiday Potluck:

Date: Thursday, December 20th

Time: 7:00-8:30 pm (the potluck will be part of the December meeting; party officers will be elected)

Location: Waukesha Labor Temple, 1726 South West Avenue

For questions or to sign up to bring a dish to pass, leave a message at (262) 970-7104 or send an email to: chairman@waukeshadems.org.

Dick Pas, Current Chair of the Waukesha Dems

Waukesha Dems seek volunteers to help gather nomination papers on May 8th

From Matt Lowe, Youth Outreach Director of the Waukesha County Democratic Party:

On Tuesday, May 8th (election day), we need volunteers to assist in gathering nomination signatures for all of our local candidates. This day will be a great time to talk with voters about the November elections and assist state-wide and local campaigns with gathering voter and volunteer data.

If you’d like to sign up for a shift, please contact Matthew Lowe at the email address below.



And congratulations to Matt, who won the Male College Democrat of the Year award at the College Democrats of Wisconsin State Convention in Pewaukee at the end of March! Click here for pictures from Convention 2012.


Photo from the College Democrats of Wisconsin Facebook page

Actions Waukesha County residents can take to help defeat Scott Walker

Many people here in Waukesha County have told me that they want to help defeat Scott Walker, but they are short on time, or money, or both. Others want to know what actions they can take that would be most effective. Luckily, Dwayne Block has just put together a handy list complete with four specific ways we can help reach the end goal of recalling Walker. Rock on, Dwayne!

From Dwayne Block’s list:

  • Volunteer at the Waukesha Walker Recall Office. Said Dwayne, “We have over 1 million Walker Recall signers. DPW (Democratic Party of Wisconsin) is entering their contact information into the DPW data base. The work is being done at the Waukesha Walker Recall office at: 312 W. Broadway in downtown Waukesha. Phone # is 262-631-9712. Email is: evang@wisdems.org.  I spent 1 hour at the office today. I learned to do the data entry in about 15 minutes – and I am no computer wiz.  Folks, this is like expanding the Democratic Party by 100 times.”
  • Volunteer at the Waukesha OFA office or for one of its events. While OFA is not working to help recall Walker, it is working to make sure everyone who wants to vote is able to vote. Dwayne explained, “After the hour at the Waukesha Recall Office, I walked a block and a half to the OFA Office on Clinton Street. OFA has been working on getting voters registered and procuring the necessary photo I.D. 98% of all Waukesha County voters are registered and have the proper I.D.  So, OFA – Waukesha Office – will be training people and going into Milwaukee to the heart of the problem,  helping register voters, and get them the proper I.D. Think about the injustice of… African American males having their right to vote taken away. Think about an organization that could get over one million Walker Recall signatures in 60 days. Think about OFA opening 50 new offices statewide in Wisconsin. Now think of the impact of harnessing that kind of machine toward registering and I.D.’ing the vast numbers of low turn-out/unregistered/un-I.D.’ed voters in Milwaukee and throughout the state… The Waukesha OFA Office number is: 262-955-2571.”
  • Contribute to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s  Defeat Scott Walker Bomb Fund. “We need to keep contributing to that fund. Think about the automobile gas you buy – $3.39 per gallon.  If you could just set aside and contribute $3.39 per day to replace Scott Walker – or every couple of days – or set some goal for yourself, and spread the word to others,” said Dwayne.   DPW’s website: www.wisdems.org.
  • Talk to your friends and neighbors about declared gubernatorial candidates, Kathleen Falk (KathleenFalk.com) and Kathleen Vinehout (KathleenVinehout.org).

There is a lot to be done in a short period of time, but we’ve got a real opportunity to make a tangible different in the history of our state. Dwayne’s nifty list provides options for doing so.



Another Small Victory for Waukesha County Liberals

A year ago, when I mentioned my plans to turn Waukesha County blue, people laughed at me. Now they’re no longer laughing (at least, not to my face). That’s because lefties have made major inroads in this conservative county over the past year, thanks, in part, to Governor Scott Walker. Now, I’m not delusional, I know we’ve got a long, long way to go, but lasting progress sometimes comes in small increments. From Drinking Liberally Waukesha, which didn’t exist last February, to the flourishing OconDems, to progressive individuals running for political office for the very first time, we’re slowly shifting this county to the left. And now I’ve just gotten word of yet another small victory for Waukesha County liberals.

According to Matt Lowe, for the first time ever, the UW-Waukesha College Democrats and the Waukesha County Democrats will host the College Democrats of Wisconsin’s annual convention. I’m told the CDW State Convention will take place from Saturday, March 31-Sunday, April 1 in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, and that the keynote speaker on Sunday will be Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin. I’ll have more details as the event draws closer.

Congratulations to Matt Lowe , the UW-Waukesha College Democrats, and the Waukesha County Democrats. It’s not all kittens and roses over here, but we’re making decent headway.

Senator Larson and Matt Lowe at a UW-Waukesha rally, November 2011