Pro-gun Rights Activists Petition to Deport Piers Morgan

Another ridiculous petition:

Tens of thousands of people have signed a petition calling for British CNN host Piers Morgan to be deported from the U.S. over his gun control views.

A petition created Dec. 21 on the White House e-petition website by a user in Texas accuses Morgan of engaging in a “hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution” by targeting the Second Amendment. It demands he be deported immediately for “exploiting his position as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens.”

So when did the second amendment become more important that the first amendment?

This Is So Wrong On So Many Levels: NRA

Just a few quick comments on today’s NRA Press Conference. I am using the quotes from this afternoon’s post from JSONLINE:

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” the group’s top lobbyist, Wayne LaPierre, said at a Washington news conference.

LaPierre said “the next Adam Lanza,” the man responsible for last week’s mayhem, is planning an attack on another school.

“How many more copycats are waiting in the wings for their moment of fame from a national media machine that rewards them with wall-to-wall attention and a sense of identity that they crave, while provoking others to try to make their mark,” LaPierre said. “A dozen more killers, a hundred more? How can we possibly even guess how many, given our nation’s refusal to create an active national database of the mentally ill?”

Mr. LaPierre is apparently aware that deflection is their only possible defense.

We’ve discussed this before…he’s right on one level. There will be other attempts…but just because we can’t prevent every nut case from acquiring a gun and attempting mayhem…doesn’t mean we shouldn’t attempt to minimize the possibilities. Reducing the gun death toll by 5% or 10% or 20% is still a worthy cause.

And while we are on the topic of databases, we should probably ramp up the FBI’s database to improve the accuracy rate of gun background checks. Think the NRA will kick in to support that?

Side Snark: Mental Health issues wouldn’t be as big a problem if we had a comprehensive national health care system that included treatment for mental health issues. End of Snark.

But Mr. LaPierre wasn’t done yet. He has apparently enlisted some help in providing the wrong solutions for our national crisis of gun violence (emphasis added):

LaPierre announced that former Rep. Asa Hutchison (R-Ark.) will lead an NRA program that will develop a model security plan for schools that relies on armed volunteers.

The first time I read that it didn’t totally sink in. I thought we were just following down the same empty casing laden primrose path that Sheriff Clarke was leading us. But then the V word sunk in. We are not only willing to turn our schools into prisons…but we are going to use VOLUNTEER armed guards? Wow, that’s off the deep end…

But constant readers of Blogging Blue are familiar with the instances of trained police officers not being able to hit what they aim at…check them HERE and HERE! The last thing I want are gun happy volunteers deciding how to defend our schools and who to challenge with a fire arm. No training we could possibly provide would be sufficient.

And there is nothing that screams freedom and liberty like locked down buildings surrounded by armed guards…of course this could be the start of that ‘well regulated militia’ we are always hearing about?

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CPAC: the "conservative" convention wrapped up today. Thank God! It turns out that this is a place wher a bunch of millionaires hang out and a few speakers show up and try and get noticed by outcrazying the speaker before them.

Here are some highlights, I mean lowlights:

First off, lets start with the funny guy. Marco Rubio made an Obama joke about teleprompters, while using teleprompters. With a great joke like that to start the festivities, what is next?

More comedy of course. Ann Coulter, who is famous for something, then had the crowd rolling with zingers like this:

“He’d(President Obama) probably make a lovely next-door neighbor,” she added. “As long as you’re not Chinese. Then he’d be constantly borrowing stuff.”

Coulter served up a steady diet of racism, sexism, slander and ridiculousness, she just forgot to mix in some actual humor. There is always next year.

Then they brought in brilliant orator Andrew Breitbart, who was obviously unhinged and off his meds, mumbled something incoherently about wanting to watch videos of President Obama in college. Adding to his obsession with liberal men. Breitbart’s gilligan, James O” Keefe, was even less popular.

Then it gets even crazier….

Austin Ruse of (C-Fam) condemns efforts to stop violence against the LGBT community.

Republican activist James Lafferty says he is "proud"o f attacks on Mosques.

Well with what the gentleman was saying about the Justice Department, I went to the briefing, the hate crimes summit, and I went there and it was all Muslim officials speaking and they had all these pictures of some mosque somewhere, and it was usually in the South I’m proud to say where a guy would drive a pickup truck right into the mosque.

Sometimes republican presidential candidate frontrunner Newt Gingrich, said unemployment benefits violate the Declaration of Independence.

NRA’s anti-intellectual Wayne LaPierre, told the audience a second term by President Obama will "finally destroy the second amendment".

Our Own Governor Scott Walker showed up and told everyone he was George Washington and Abraham Lincoln rolled into one.

O yeah, let’s not forget that they also featured a White Supremacist as a speaker.

Let’s sum things up here. This is THE republican convention of the year where all of the right wing celebrities show up, exchange ideas, socialize, etc… & this is their line-up? racism, hatred and bigotry? Ladies & Gentlemen, This is your republican party 2012!

You might want to rethink your votes in November!

PS: In case your wondering, Paul Ryan was there and proud to call these people friends.

Makes me think the only sane person this weekend, compared to this crazy convention is Nicki Minaj!!!

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EDit Note: What happens when a bunch of racists, sexist party faithful and selfish billionaires get together to have a convention and Scott Walker shows up? Scott Walker gets a hero's welcome of course!

Gov. Scott Walker got a hero’s reception Friday night at a banquet for conservative activists from around the country, where he declared that his defeat in a recall election this summer would be a lasting blow against political risk-taking.

“Lord help us if we fail,” he said. “I’m not planning on it, but if we were to fail, I think this sets aside any courageous act in American politics for at least a decade if not a generation.”