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Governor Scott Walker Is A Quitter

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) was supposed to be the crown jewel among Governor Scott Walker’s first term accomplishments. It was part of his agenda to downsize government and privatize government functions in one fell swoop…as well as serve as a lynch pin in his promised job development in Wisconsin.

Well since then WEDC […]

Republicans want to fire Gov. Scott Walker from job creation agency’s board

As further proof his efforts to create jobs in Wisconsin have failed, Republicans have voted to remove Gov. Scott Walker as chairman of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, the quasi-public “job creation” agency that came into being because of the efforts of Gov. Walker. In an attempt to put more oversight on the state’s fledgling […]

Walker aides pushed for $4.3 million loan to now-defunct company that created no jobs

In yet another example of the graft that has plagued the WEDC, semi-public job “creation” entity created by Gov. Scott Walker, the Associated Press is reporting high-ranking aides to Gov. Walker, including then-Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch, pushed to give a $4.3 million unsecured loan to a company that created no jobs and is now defunct. […]

Eaton Corp. receives second WEDC grant totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars, promptly outsources jobs to Mexico

Yet again here’s a report of another Wisconsin company that received tax dollars from WEDC, Gov. Scott Walker’s “job creation” agency, only to turn around and outsource jobs that had been in Wisconsin to a foreign country. A global power systems management corporation that has received nearly $370,000 in tax incentives from the Wisconsin Economic […]

Billionaire makes $1.5 million dark money contribution to help Scott Walker, receives $1.8 million from Walker’s WEDC

According to this report by Yahoo! Politics Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff, Wisconsin billionaire John Menard Jr. gave $1.5 million to right-wing groups that kept his contribution a secret, only for Menard’s company to end up receiving $1.8 million in tax credits from WEDC, the job creation agency of which Gov. Scott Walker is the […]

That low hanging fruit is always the easiest to pick

Yesterday’s BizJournal ran a story about the “potential GOP presidential candidate”, Scott Walker and some of the other WEDC executives (because he’s the CEO, don’t you know) going to London to talk up Wisconsin as a potential investment site for UK firms. They are planning to “highlight Wisconsin’s growth sectors: energy, aviation/aerospace, water technology, agriculture, […]

Gov. Walker reappoints WEDC CEO despite job creation failures

I guess Gov. Scott Walker is in the business of rewarding failure, as he has reappointed Reed Hall as CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) despite the abject failure of WEDC to create jobs as promised by Gov. Walker. Gov. Scott Walker is keeping Reed Hall as the head of the Wisconsin Economic […]

Scott Walker’s WEDC CEO resigning

As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Reed Hall, the chief executive officer of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is leaving his post. The head of the state’s flagship jobs agency is expected to leave his post as the governor moves into a second term, a move that would generate additional turnover at an […]

Scott Walker’s campaign gets $20,000 from Ashley Furniture after Walker’s WEDC approves $6 million in tax credits to company

I’d love to hear some of you conservatives defend this. The board overseeing the state’s flagship job-creation agency has quietly approved a $6 million tax credit for Ashley Furniture Industries with a condition allowing the company to eliminate half of its state workforce.

As approved by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. board, the award would […]

Report: WEDC awarded taxpayer funds to four more companies that outsourced WI jobs

Just a few weeks ago news broke that the WEDC, Gov. Scott Walker’s “job creation” agency, had awarded millions of taxpayer dollars to companies that outsourced Wisconsin jobs to foreign countries. In response to that bad news, Gov. Walker’s reelection campaign went on the offensive to attack Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Mary Burke for supposedly profiting […]