Scott Walker’s Wisconsin will spend $559 million more than it is expected to take in next year

On the heels of last week’s news that the state’s tax collections were lagging behind projections comes news the state of Wisconsin will spend $559 million more out of its main account next year than it is expected to take in, according to a report from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

Predictably, Gov. Scott Walker’s [...]

State tax collections lagging behind projections

This latest bad news is exactly why Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his allies in the Republican-controlled legislature should have been more fiscally responsible instead of giving out a $500 million tax cut that primarily benefited the wealthy and big corporations. State tax collections are lagging both last year’s figures and expectations for this year, [...]

Top wage earners would benefit most from proposed Walker tax cut

This should surprise absolutely no one. The top 20% of Wisconsin wage earners — those making more than $88,000 a year and paying the most in taxes now — would receive 44% of the benefit of Gov. Scott Walker’s latest proposed tax cuts, a new analysis shows. The bottom 20% of state residents by income [...]

First of all, it’s not a surplus….yet!

Governor Walker is falling all over himself trying to find ways to give the projected budget surplus back to tax payers. But it is NOT a surplus…it is a projected surplus…not money in the bank or cash on the barrel head…a projected surplus projected by the same people in Madison who projected the short fall [...]

Scott Walker opens door to shifting tax burden to poor, middle class in WI

According to a report by Jason Stein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Republican Gov. Scott Walker has indicated he wants to use the next biennial budget in February 2015 to a potential tax overhaul. Among the changes Gov. Walker is likely to consider are eliminating or flattening the income tax to dropping technical colleges from [...]

Hey Governor Walker, Wisconsin Isn’t A Best State For Business!

I am highly dubious of the various Forbes Best of lists…they seem contrived and simply audience building exercises…not real news topics. But in their latest Best States For Business…while our neighbors Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana are all in the top 25 states listed…Wisconsin is nowhere to be found. Just sayin’!

Scott Walker’s biennial budget includes “death tax” targeting Medicaid recipients (UPDATED)

Among the little-known provisions of the biennial state budget proposed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker and rubber-stamped by Republicans in the Legislature is a provision buried in the budget that would drastically expand the state’s ability to claim dead couples’ joint property – even if the assets are protected in trusts. The language is designed [...]

The Shift In Focus Of The Solidarity Sing Along

This is a sideways continuation of my earlier post: Some Mythology of the Solidarity Sing Along. Governor Walker insists the Solidarity Sing Along apply for a permit, as does Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch, as does the Capitol Police…and they all assure the Solidarity Sing Along that they will be issued the required permit [...]

Buyer Beware: Gov Walker’s DNA Database Is Built On False Premises and Inexact Science.

As part of the Wisconsin Biennial 2013 – 2105 Budget recently signed by Governor Walker, there is a provision allowing collection of DNA upon the arrest of a suspect…not conviction…upon arrest!

The governor’s 2013-’15 budget bill provides about $6 million to collect DNA samples at every felony arrest and some misdemeanor arrests, as well as [...]

The Bipartisan Bill I Want To See Come Out of Madison!

After campaign promises to keep pork and non-fiscal items out of Wisconsin Biennial State Budgets, both budgets introduced and signed by Governor Walker have been laden with exactly these items. Now, I can’t blame Governor Walker for all of the non-relevant items in the 2013 – 2015 state budget because many of them were added [...]

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