First of all, it’s not a surplus….yet!

Governor Walker is falling all over himself trying to find ways to give the projected budget surplus back to tax payers. But it is NOT a surplus…it is a projected surplus…not money in the bank or cash on the barrel head…a projected surplus projected by the same people in Madison who projected the short fall [...]

Hey Governor Walker, Wisconsin Isn’t A Best State For Business!

I am highly dubious of the various Forbes Best of lists…they seem contrived and simply audience building exercises…not real news topics. But in their latest Best States For Business…while our neighbors Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana are all in the top 25 states listed…Wisconsin is nowhere to be found. Just sayin’!

Scott Walker’s biennial budget includes “death tax” targeting Medicaid recipients (UPDATED)

Among the little-known provisions of the biennial state budget proposed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker and rubber-stamped by Republicans in the Legislature is a provision buried in the budget that would drastically expand the state’s ability to claim dead couples’ joint property – even if the assets are protected in trusts. The language is designed [...]

The Shift In Focus Of The Solidarity Sing Along

This is a sideways continuation of my earlier post: Some Mythology of the Solidarity Sing Along. Governor Walker insists the Solidarity Sing Along apply for a permit, as does Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch, as does the Capitol Policeā€¦and they all assure the Solidarity Sing Along that they will be issued the required permit [...]

Buyer Beware: Gov Walker’s DNA Database Is Built On False Premises and Inexact Science.

As part of the Wisconsin Biennial 2013 – 2105 Budget recently signed by Governor Walker, there is a provision allowing collection of DNA upon the arrest of a suspect…not conviction…upon arrest!

The governor’s 2013-’15 budget bill provides about $6 million to collect DNA samples at every felony arrest and some misdemeanor arrests, as well as [...]

The Bipartisan Bill I Want To See Come Out of Madison!

After campaign promises to keep pork and non-fiscal items out of Wisconsin Biennial State Budgets, both budgets introduced and signed by Governor Walker have been laden with exactly these items. Now, I can’t blame Governor Walker for all of the non-relevant items in the 2013 – 2015 state budget because many of them were added [...]

Let’s Tell The Truth About The Repeal of Residency Requirements!

In an article about a likely challenge of the end of public employee residency by the City of Milwaukee on state constitutional grounds, Milwaukee Journal staff writer Don Walker writes:

On June 30, Gov. Scott Walker signed into law a provision that ends residency in all local units of government statewide, including Milwaukee.

Let’s keep [...]

Walker Budget Irks Brookfield and River Hills!

In a little bit of a surprise, a non budget item that was included in the Wisconsin 2013-2105 budget is ticking off a few people in Brookfield and River Hills. It seems that without any debate whatsoever, the REPUBLICANS took another swipe a local control by preventing local municipalities from enacting laws restricting cell towers. [...]

Act 10: Governor Walker Tells It Like It…Well, No, He’s Lying!

In this morning’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, political columnist Daniel Bice outlines the loss in membership in public unions since the enactment of Wisconsin Act 10 that obliterates the power of Wisconsin public employee unions. Well, public employee unions except for the protected police and firefighter unions that is.

Now the short gist of the article [...]

Scott Walker vetoes $3.5 million in foreclosure funds from state budget

It seems Republican Gov. Scott Walker will never turn down an opportunity to stick it to the City of Milwaukee. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said Sunday that some provisions of Gov. Scott Walker’s new state budget, including the end of residency statewide and a change in the way city billboards are assessed, were tantamount to [...]

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