No One Gets Credit For This?

This barely made a blip in the media. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel stuffed it in a two inch column with no photo. This article is from the Wisconsin State Journal:

Gov. Tony Evers has picked for Wisconsin State Patrol superintendent a 30-year veteran of law enforcement who will be the first African-American to hold the post.

Maj. Anthony Burrell, who was recognized for his response to the 2015 shooting death of a state trooper, will take the post effective Sunday. He succeeds former Superintendent J.D. Lind, who retired last fall.

Evers, in a statement, cited Burrell’s “long and decorated history of public service.”

“Under his leadership, the Wisconsin State Patrol will continue to prioritize the safety of Wisconsinites and help build stronger communities,” Evers said.

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Gov. Walker approves pay increase for State Troopers, give 31,000 other state employees the shaft

This just sums up Gov. Scott Walker’s “divide and conquer” strategy at its best.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill that gives state troopers a 6 percent raise.

The governor signed the measure at Fox Valley Technical College in Oshkosh on Monday morning.

At the same time he gave State Troopers their 6% raise, over 31,000 other state employees got a ZERO PERCENT raise coupled with higher out-of-pocket medical expenses in what amounts to a cut in those employees’ take-home pay.

Divide and conquer indeed…

Scott Walker proposes 17% pay hike for State Troopers

As if we needed more evidence of how willing Gov. Scott Walker is to scratch the backs of those few unions who support him, Gov. Walker has proposed giving State Troopers a 17% pay raise as part of their negotiated union contract.

Republican legislative leaders said Tuesday they will reject a 17% pay raise for state troopers negotiated by Gov. Scott Walker’s administration.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) said they want the GOP governor’s administration to enter a new round of negotiations with the troopers. The Legislature has the final say on whether to approve any labor contracts.

“I just can’t support a raise that big,” Vos told reporters.

But troopers said they deserve a substantial pay hike because they have gone years without a boost in pay. Trooper Randy Gordon said in his nine years on the job he’s gotten just one raise. Some of his colleagues make so little they qualify for heating assistance, he said.

I can certainly empathize with trooper Randy Gordon’s comments about some of his colleagues qualifying for heating assistance, because I know many college-educated, highly qualified public employees who’ve had to resort to taking second jobs as bartenders and waitresses just to make ends meet.

As steep a pay hike as Gov. Walker was willing to give State Troopers, it’s worth noting that according to the Journal Sentinel report trooper Gordon thought the State Troopers should have gotten an even steeper pay increase.

“I think it’s intolerable that it’s only 17%. I think it should be higher than that,” trooper Gordon said, showing a stunning amount of greed for what by any accounts is a HUGE raise, given the fact that other public employees have seen their take-home pay decline since Gov. Walker declared war on public employee unions.

If trooper Randy Gordon wants to whine and complain about how paltry a 17% pay increase is, I’d invite him to try taking a 12% cut in his take-home pay, as many public employees I know have done. Perhaps then Randy Gordon won’t be so ungrateful and downright greedy.