What happens when women whose lives are in danger are denied abortions?

Sometimes they die… Savita Halappanavar, 31 years old and 17 weeks pregnant, presented with back pain at Ireland’s University Hospital Galway on October 21st, and was found to be miscarrying.

Her husband, Praveen Halappanavar (34), an engineer at Boston Scientific in Galway, says she asked several times over a three-day period that the pregnancy be […]

Domestic Violence and the GOP War on Women

In the wake of the Azana Salon & Spa shootings, the media around town published letters, articles and op-ed pieces asking “WHY”.

One particularly heartfelt question came from an area doctor via a letter to the editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Here’s the most pertinent question from the letter:

What is it about our […]

Campaign Teaching Public to NOT Believe Mr. Romney

When I first heard about Mr. Romney stating he wasn’t going to repeal all of Obamacare and later that he had no plans to introduce anti-abortion legislation if elected, my initial response was, wow, Mitt Romney can’t move to the middle fast enough…well that’s not really what’s happening.

So after candidate Romney says something […]