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FDA Advises Against Keepsake and Elective Fetal Ultrasounds

No one is really sure what the effects of ultrasounds are on fetal development. Although considered safe the FDA is now advising against keepsake and elective ultrasounds.

So what is the State of Wisconsin’s liability if their forced ultrasounds convince a woman to give to a child but later congenital defects or illnesses are blamed […]

Saudi Female Drivers Sent To Terrorism Court

In an act of civil disobedience, two women in Saudi Arabia defied an archaic cultural ban that prohibits females from driving a car and were arrested a month ago. They have been detained since and are about to get their day in court…but not in traffic court…or municipal court…but Saudi Arabia’s anti-terrorism court. WTF?

Two […]

SCOTUS Turn Their Own Decisions Into A Moving Target

Just days after opening a second front on the war on women, the Supreme Court of the United States back tracks on one of the alternatives they delineated in their Hobby Lobby decision. No really!

Birth Control Order Deepens Divide Among Justices

WASHINGTON — In a decision that drew an unusually fierce dissent from the […]

Front page Hobby Lobby photo sends faux feminist message

When I originally saw this photograph, my response was a chuckle while shaking my head. But there is far more going on here than most of us realize. [and I have often complained about how the right ‘messages’ their positions while the left just doesn’t get it, and here’s a perfect example] Subtle but effective… […]

Senate Hearing On Bill 95 – the Bill to Reform Milwaukee County Government

Senate PUBLIC HEARING Elections and Urban Affairs

The committee will hold a public hearing on the following items at the time specified below: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 9:30 AM 411 South

Senate Bill 95 Relating to: changing the compensation structure by which a Milwaukee County supervisor may be paid, changing the term length of […]

South Korea Elects a Woman President

South Korea elects their first woman president.

Meanwhile, fifty one percent of the population of the United States of America is female. After the November 2012 elections, we were nearly breaking our arms patting ourselves on the back for electing TWENTY women to the US Senate for the first time in history (there should […]

Domestic Violence and the GOP War on Women

In the wake of the Azana Salon & Spa shootings, the media around town published letters, articles and op-ed pieces asking “WHY”.

One particularly heartfelt question came from an area doctor via a letter to the editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Here’s the most pertinent question from the letter:

What is it about our […]

Sen. Ron Johnson: Wisconsinites care about Benghazi, not reproductive rights

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Republican Senator Ron Johnson told host Chris Wallace that Wisconsinites don’t care about women’s reproductive rights, according to The Raw Story. Said Johnson, “It’s not even an issue here in Wisconsin. I mean, it doesn’t even move the radar at all.” He went on to explain that what Wisconsinites […]

Ignore the Binders, It’s the Real Truth Behind That Statement To Fear

Mitt Romney’s turn of phrase, Binders Full of Women, has become the meme from the second Presidential Debate. But all of the bloggers and wags and commenters have missed the real point buried in that statement.

Mr. Romney, after all of his years in college and business and running for governor, didn’t know any women […]