“My Way or the Highway?”

So apparently, Scott Walker defines compromise as getting everything he wants, while giving up nothing in return. Right now there’s 91.5 million dollars in Federal transit aid that’s going unused (and has been unused for several years), and rather than see that money get used productively, County Exec Scott Walker would rather see the money sit if he can’t get his way. Scott Walker wants to use the money to pay for express buses, while Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett wants to use the money for streetcars. According to All Politics Watch, Mayor Barrett proposed a compromise that would use half the money for streetcars and half the money for express buses, seemingly giving both men what they wanted. Unfortunately, Scott Walker doesn’t seem to want real compromise – he’d rather just take all the money for his plan and call it a compromise.

This is just another example of Scott Walker’s utter lack of any tangible leadership qualities. Rather than work towards a real compromise that would benefit all the residents of Milwaukee County – and not just those folks who live in the suburbs – Scott Walker seems content to take his marbles and go home.


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