But Did He Cure Cancer?

Now I don’t particularly care for Scott Walker, as I’ve tried to make abundantly clear to all three of you who happen to read this on a regular basis. As one of Scott Walker’s most loyal “anti-fans,” I’ve taken it upon myself to keep up with the latest news and notes involving our illustrious County Exec., so you can imagine my surprise when I happened to notice that capper over at folkbum’s rambles and rants had found an interesting post preaching Scott Walker’s virtues by Fraley over at Daily Takes. Never one to shy away from debunking some conservative nonsense, I’ve jumped right into the discussion, offering up my own analysis on a few of Scott Walker’s accomplishments, as Fraley sees it.

Here’s a few of the more outrageous claims Fraley made (in italics), as well as my own responses (which curiously haven’t shown up on Daily Takes):

* Reduced the size of the County taxpayer-paid workforce by almost 20%

Yeah, and thanks to his cuts in county staffing, a number of county swimming pools had to close, the parks system has started to wither away, not to mention the inmate that escaped from the House of Corrections.

* Spearheaded community partnerships to improve care for the mentally ill including increasing the number of housing units

He did? The Journal Sentinel says otherwise.

An investigation by the Journal Sentinel has found that hundreds of today’s sickest patients suffer in the city’s most broken-down neighborhoods. Some are dying; others are preyed upon by opportunists and neglected by the people responsible for their care. They are not able to fend for themselves, and no one else is taking responsibility for them, despite being paid more than $10 million a year in tax dollars to do so.

* Established County Executive’s annual Harley Ride to promote Milwaukee County and regional attractions

And of course that had nothing to do with raising his profile for his failed gubernatorial campaign.

Honestly, with all Scott Walker’s “accomplishments,” I can’t help but wonder why he hasn’t cured cancer yet.


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1 thought on “But Did He Cure Cancer?

  1. After rereading that tripe by Fraley, I noticed some I missed, such as the bit with putting deputies on park patrol. Fraley forgot to mention that it was Walker and Clarke that took them out of the parks for the failed GRIP program. That happened the year before the Memorial Day shooting, at a county park, which killed at least two people.

    I also didn’t get into some of the things that Fraley didn’t mention, but we will leave that for the elections season, if Walker does indeed break yet another promise.

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