Butler v. Bucher?

According to Proof and Hearsay, failed attorney general candidate Paul Bucher is mulling a run for the State Supreme Court seat currently held by Louis Butler. This has to come as good news for Butler, with one Butler supporter saying, “Of course, we’d love to have him run.” In my opinion, another run for statewide office by Bucher – not known for his electric personality – has all the makings of a Butler landslide. Bucher doesn’t have great personal wealth, and he’d probably lag behind Butler in fundraising, given the fact that Butler’s campaign has already raised $165,000 in the first half of this year, with another $155,000 in the bank.

I think a Butler-Bucher race for the State Supreme Court would be tremendously entertaining, and I’d love to see Paul Bucher get beaten badly in yet another statewide election in an election cycle that promises to be just as bad for Republicans as 2006. What I’d like to know is if we can expect to see Mrs. Bucher out on the campaign trail working hard to help her hubby.


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2 thoughts on “Butler v. Bucher?

  1. Blue-

    Imagine the scenario that would entail if, fates forbid, Bucher would happen to win the seat on the bench, and then Van Hollen had to appear before him. If the thought of Bucher as a supreme court judge wasn’t so horrifying, that scenario would be hilarious.

  2. Yeah, that would be an interesting scenario, but the very thought of Paul Bucher on the Wisconsin Supreme Court makes my skin crawl.

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